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  1. Even though I am convinced that being emprisoned in a remote island for 3 months does bind, I don't think it would be thaaat far fetched that Kate got herself a new man. I mean she seems to be married. She's driving a Volvo! Do you really think she would be driving a Volvo with Sawyer? And she already almost got married as we saw in her flashback earlier in the season. But still, pure speculation.
  2. This episode was absolutely awesome, I kept shouting all by myself in front of the TV "THAT'S IT, HE'S DEAD!!" "NO WAY!!" FUCK YEAH" etc... My biggest complaints though comes from the scene where Ben threatens Jack about killing the three losties caught on the beach. Why didn't the others simply do it?! Since when where they more humane than their leader? And about Ben, I simply cannot figure out what was his plan. Was he serious about "talking them out" of calling for rescue, and getting out of this infernal island where they got stuck three months ago"?! And why did he bring Alex? Whatever. Let's just consider he suddenly lost all of his intelligence and all of his ability to make other people do whatever he wants them too because of the obvious fears he had. I wouldn't be suprised to see that it all was a brilliant scheme from Benjamin Linus though. My 2 cents about the coffin, I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Sawyer. I mean no friends, no family, and Kate answering a clearly affected "why would I go see him"... why not. And tell if I'm wrong, but I think I've heard Jack saying to see his father "up there". That seems a lot like a subtle ambiguity that means a lot. No ideas concerning Naomi thought. It seems a fairly elaborate trick, with the picture, the whole scenario... for once, Ben might just have said the truth. And the fact that Locke got involved... that gives some credits to Ben. I mean it's not like Sayid saying something, but it's still Locke! Nothing to say about the underwater base. It seemed pretty logical to me that Charlie died, I accepted it and it was very emotional. Though I have a few doubts about Desmond. I don't know... he didn't seem to be telling the truth, don't you think? He had some weird chuckles. It's the first time we don't actually get to see the vision before it happens. And it didn't go exactly like he said it would. I mean, he would have noticed that he was there, he didn't mention a keypad, just a switch, nor did he see how Charlie actually drowned... I don't know. Smells fishy. But well... So yeah, lots of things still coming. The question obviously being how will I wait until february to have some more.
  3. The whole Sonic idea is broken anyway. I mean you just keep on running, seeing only a few pixels ahead of you, and then POW, you fall in a hole with lots of pointy stuff in it. The only thing that made me love the first Sonic on Genesis was the graphics on Emerald Hills. And same thing for Sonic Adventure, with the giant whale that follows you. That's about it really, otherwise you're just flying past scenery that you suppose is superb, it's just a shame that you can't have a proper look at it. And now, even the graphics aren't anything special.
  4. Rogue's Gallery - Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys. It's an album that was released at the same time than Pirates of The Carribean 2. True pirate songs, the lyrics would make even the most bad ass rapper blush. Oh, and Sting sings in it too. And Bono. And Nick Cave.
  5. I have to say, I downloaded this music a few months ago, and it made me cry. Probably the voice, or something, anyways I deleted it immediately, I thought it was waaay too depressing for me! To this very day, I am afraid of this remix! No kidding, if I commit suicide, CotMM will be the one to blame!