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  1. Coop, thank you, good sir. I appreciate the info. I did actually try looking through the forum rules & such to prevent asking an answered question, but didn't find the answers. maybe a addendum to the posting rules(unless I missed something)? Either way, thanks again for the heads-up on that game. your knowledge, is, indeed, legendary. Now then, If you told me what item is obtained by charming a Nu(Chrono Trigger), I would truly bow down. =Þ The answer's probably waaay too easy, but that's about as obscure as I can go at this hour. Back on topic, Twin Eagle II is awesome. Only problem is,
  2. well, I found Twin Eagle II, and it IS the game I remembered! Unfortunately, (and I really hope I don't get any heat for even MENTIONING it), the only resource that I found involves a few assorted screencaps and some emulation links. Apparently, it's a very rare game. No Wikipedia entry, no cheats, walkthroughs, not even so much as basic descriptions on most of the classic gaming sites. At any rate, I know OCR's stance on emulation is pretty strict, but I mention it only because it was relevant(and I didn't link to anything). If anyone feels I've crossed a line, please let me know. It's not my
  3. Hmm...this got my interest as well. There was a fairly old arcade shooter, top-down, where the chopper would do special attacks based on SFII-type combinations. For example, U,U,D,Fire would throw chaff(or something like that). Not sure if this helps, but I'll be watching this thread myself, to see if anyone remembers. I would LOVE to look that one up.
  4. anyone played Homeworld? that game had a massive instruction manual, with an extremely in-depth backstory. after reading that, i found myself playing the game, and without spoilers, the first couple missions were extremely moving. there was a sense of shock/surprise/anger/hurt that you wouldn't think to experience in an RTS. ALSO, the ending to Chrono Trigger was pretty moving(Robo's ambiguous existence in a changed future especially), but the part that got to me was when the music box started playing after the credits...then went full-orchestral. cue the waterworks. I saw a thread in here ab
  5. Hey guys, I'm still a pretty solid lurker, but I felt that this was worth sharing. Really, I wanted to get the opinions of the more musically-inclined people here: http://www.SymphonyOfScience.com I apologize if this is old; I searched the forums and didn't find anything matching it. Either way, it's pretty wild--taking Quotes from Richard Feyman, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, etc, and running them through a vocoder(I think), and making some pretty mellow tunes with some awesome messages intertwined within. I have no affiliation with the guy(s) who put this together, I just wanted to see what oth
  6. couple of my favorites: DJ Lobsterdust DJ Maxentropy you can google either one of them, they're awesome. --My favorite right now is a Maxentropy mash of Buck Cherry and The Prodigy, entitled "Crazy Girls". Also, if you're not into the whole brevity "thing", then look up "Intro Inspection" by Osymyso. lengthy, but lots of fun.
  7. ok, so i'm a die-hard lurker, but gotta say my peace: congratulations, and i had to listen to "breathing you in" as soon as i saw this thread. looking forward to more from you two, once the whole "newlywed" thing settles down. that said, may the shine never fade, even if it means us lurkers will have to be happy with what we've got. many happy returns.
  8. wow, i'm kinda bummed the thread is so inactive. regardless, i hope the game goes well, and maintain that i'll wait for some announcement of it when it's done!
  9. played the early WIP and enjoyed the look and concept, left a lot of info in the survey. hope i didn't give you too many wacky ideas. wish ya the best with it, and i'm looking forward to the final version. BTW, is this one going to be free to play, or pay-to-play? i looked for the other game you mentioned, didn't find it. could you link please? edit: other game? beam chess. and i feel dumb now.
  10. So far I've given this release away on CD twice, with the full liner notes printed as well. I intend to keep doing so. I noticed some parallels to BT, Sasha, Corsten, and (my personal fave) Clouser. killer stuff, man, Thank you for putting out here for us to enjoy. question: have you considered sending this to someone like four bars intertainment? i know you've already been on some large releases, maybe getting some representation could help with more exposure. you've probably already explored this, but i figured the thought was worth sharing. either way, their website is: http://www.fourbars
  11. just thought i'd ask, are longtime lurkers welcome? i've been here for some time now, and i'd really like to go, but i don't want to intrude. i can bring beverage or something, if that sweetens the deal. ==edit==also, i'll kick in some monetary reimbursement. this has needed to happen for a long time.
  12. i think there would be a simple way to keep the level editor even: once you create a map, you have to beat it yourself, or you can't publish it(for online play). going on MMX as a reference, most of the traps and obstacles were obvious--putting in invisible bottomless pits(that look like floor tiles) would likely be a bad idea. i remember playing MMX on the SNES with a new issue of nintendo power mapping out the levels. looking back, the only thing it really did for me was help me find secret capsules. i definitely like the idea, even if not for multiplayer per se. i would likely end up shari
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    i had the same issues with Cataclysm, and overcoat's right about the hyperthreading--in other news, there have been similar reports of multicore processors having issues too. my buddy just upgraded to a multicore proc, and now he can't play F.E.A.R. though you may want to try running the cataclysm exe file in compatability mode(rightclick of the .exe), and try that with HT turned off as well. i recall having some luck with it and ground control, both sierra games that had the same issue. it was in their messageboards for awhile, and there MAY be a patch that addresses it. perhaps the version y
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