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  1. Well, yeah. Mostly. I was looking for the one titled "Incredible Internet Videos" or something like it. Now I feel dumb. Thx for the link, I missed that thread too!
  2. Topic. I remember getting lots of awesome from that thread, and, as far as I can tell, it doesn't violate any of OCR's terms, so would I be out-of-line asking for it to come back? ...and before someone says "Do it yourself", I just wanted to say that maintaining a thread of that size(updating links/first post/etc) would be way out of my league. I know it sounds lazy, but if i took that pet, it'd probably die under the couch...
  3. And so far, I'd say this whole thing still smells like it did last time I posted. Sony starts witch hunt, gives vague, "you might be at-risk!" scenario, no data is actually compromised, driving people to focus on teh evul h4x0rs, while Sony moves on protecting itself. If you think about it, it's a lot like the plot to Hackers, with no big automated boats. I STILL think it's a ruse.
  4. I would say sensationalism can more easily carry blame. If I were Sony, and I said that some hackers got a few days' worth of free store access, I'd look like a dolt for not implementing security, and pirates will be pirates. However, if I said that some hackers stole CC info, even if it wasn't true, those hackers look more like villains. Instead of 'just' being pirates, they're suddenly identity thieves. Besides, how many of these breaches have occurred in the past couple years(between banks, cellphones, facebook/myspace)? After a while, it becomes par for the course. Once people think that t
  5. But What WAS the difference? Or, more precisely, what was the REAL cause for locking down? From my own digging on the 'net, I've only been able to confirm one thing: -The Playstation Store was extremely compromised by people spoofing their PS3s to look like DevKits to the network, allowing access to stolen content. I've tried to find someone other than Sony claiming access to consumer identity data, and I haven't seen it. While that doesn't mean that it should be ruled out completely, I tend to believe that Sony's crying wolf in an attempt to get the masses on their side--face it, their public
  6. I understand the "Hackers are the bad guy"(waaay oversimplified) side of the fence, I really do. If some kid gets caught using said stolen CC info to try to buy laptops online, then YES, I hope the kid is made an example of. If someone DID(try to) get the Sony customer database, then I hope he burns for it. Let me try to put this into (my)perspective: XBOX 360s and WIIs are modded all the time, and piracy is rampant once that happens. However, piracy is an insult to a true Tinkerer. I actually had an old XBOX that could play burned games. Do you know what I did with it? I ran Linux, and using
  7. Y'know, I really respect Zircon for his objective opinions, and I KNOW I'm being more subjective when I say this, but in general, I just hate Sony, and I have plenty of reasons to. Before anyone thinks I'm just some H4x0R, pirate, scumbag, etc, I'm NOT. except with Sony. I'll explain why, and hopefully not get banned for my logic/opinion. First and foremost, Sony's ALWAYS had a God complex. Think back: -Sony finds out, before release, that a whole product line(Vaio laptops) had problems with their chargers and batteries(battery & charger production outsourced to separate companies). Sony
  8. I just wanted to pop in and THANK YOU for offering the music for free. Some seriously awesome tuneage you've put up, and even broke folk like myself are invited to enjoy it. That means a lot when the choices are: A: no mew music B: feeling like a toolbox for pirating(which I try to avoid) THANK YOU for that; I promise I'll try to throw you some bones when the next one hits.
  9. Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and pull out of lurker-mode for something, and I'm not claiming expertise on the whole legal front. Frankly, Jack, I can see and understand your caution. What I think a lot of people here have trouble agreeing with is your tone. I've seen you make various claims(in this, and the other, locked thread), about various studies, work experience, etc, without respecting anyone else's knowledge or experiences. Zircon's been around the block, too, as well as DJP, Jimmy Hinson, and many others here. I know that the personal, flame-laden attacks were more present on the other thr
  10. Personally, I tend to use speakers when listening at home, just a pair of simple/cheap Logitechs with a small sub(got them for $25.00 at Fry's), but when I use headphones, I use my Sony MDR-V700s. They're not perfect, the oversized (40mm) drivers tend to be a bit bass-heavy, but for thumpy music, they're great. They've also got awesome sound-isolation. They tend to draw more power than most portable music players can push, so I pair them with a "Boosteroo", which is a small AA-battery powered headphone amplifier/splitter from Radio Shack. The V700s can handle up to 3 watts, which is a lot for
  11. I'm surprised nobody's responded to this yet. A FREE album, of this size, with these names? ...Thank you, and thanks to all who contributed to it. My birthday was on the tenth, and this was a great way to fight off feeling older.
  12. ....THIS. Although, some context may help explain. Despite my usual lurker-tendencies, I will rarely post to mention the awesome emotionality of Homeworld. if you've played it, you know what I mean. If not, I don't want to spoil it. The buildup/crescendo from 6:00 to 7:00 pushed me over the edge(gameplay context included). To this very day, undoubtedly due to that experience, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings/Agnus Dei is bar none my favorite piece of music. ever. Also, the ending to Chrono Trigger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nMIXAkUBHM That moment, when an all-too-familiar theme be
  13. Noone's replied yet? Okay, well maybe others here know about Osu! already, but I didn't. I'm enjoying it. Thanks, dude.
  14. Gotta say, it's always good to see more free stuff, especially from Jared Hudson. I've been a fan since RPG Cinematic War Scene and I still wanna see a music video of that to footage from the LoTR(Helm's deep). But back on topic, my only question is this: is there any way to nab this as MP3? I like carrying tunes on my phone, and MP3s are pretty much the only format my phone'll run. ...or, there's always transcoding, but if you have it without the possibility of too much quality loss, that's obviously preferable. Again, Thanks for the heads-up, dude. Listening to Acid Raindrops now, and I th
  15. I gotta say(and this makes me feel old), Blade Eagle 3-D on the Sega Master System was mine. The title theme is still in my head, and now I can't find it. Youtube, Galbadia Hotel, no dice. First game I ever beat. ....Dammit, now I'm gonna have it stuck in my head all day. Nostalgia's great and all, but anything on the SMS can get old quick, especially if it's stuck in your head.
  16. Good stuff, I'm curious where this all started. This is the first I've heard of the term "ReNix", and I'd like to know more about the Netlabel. Any other info? --Edit: I just nabbed the torrent, and I'm digging it. I'll keep that going as long as I can. Thanks for the tunes!
  17. Well, I'm glad that bLiNd's other track has already been put into a mix, and if a new one happens, I'm sure it'll be a must-listen, too. Til then, though, keep up the good work--I know I'm clearing space on my phone in preparation for the next one.
  18. Wow, man. good stuff. Personally, I'm a sucker for emotive electronica, and this definitely fits the bill. Music doesn't have to overstate itself to have power, and your work proves that. THANK YOU for putting your stuff out on a "set your price" basis; my budget allows for zero spending at the moment, and I apologize that I have nothing I can offer in return but my gratitude. If anyone's on the fence about grabbing this one, Get the headphones and listen.
  19. I just wanted to hop in here and THANK YOU. this stuff is awesome, especially when something I thought I'd forgotten all about pops up and that euphoric/nostalgic chill hits. I'm probably resurrecting a forgotten thread, but if this gets bumped and more people discover this, I'm all for it. BTW, my hat's off to you for including BliNd's work. killer piece.
  20. RoadiePC

    Play Styles!

    Hmm...My "tactics" tend to involve symptoms of OCD. I usually go with the method that ensures either an even field, or an advantage, no matter how small, before gameplay even begins. what I mean is not cheating; just making a methodical setup, and capitalizing on it. For example, in FPS games I have an EluminX keyboard which feels like a laptop keyboard, the logic being the smaller travel-distance on the keys. That, or my Nostromo SpeedPad(which, when set up right, rocks). I also use a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, which has, besides the usual X+Y axes, a whopping 13 inputs(5 buttons, 4-way m
  21. Could I make a suggestion? Perhaps if someone were able to compile the OCRemoved stuff into a master list, and(based on the size), divide it up into some manageable torrents, there could be an update made whenever a bunch of older ReMixes are phased out. For example(and bear in mind, I'm speaking off-the-cuff, so my numbers are pure speculation), say there's 150 currently OCRemoved tracks, we create three(possibly date-oriented) torrents, and label them OCRemoved series 1 through 3. When the next full set of 50 hits, just compile it into series 4. Obviously, it'd have to be a balance between
  22. I'm afraid that the emulation itself is imperfect--without waiting on Mame's devs to improve the situation, I'm not sure what can be done. Even with that idea, between arcade emulation being extremely finicky between hardware boards & the rarity of the game, this may be as good as it gets. On the bright side, if a ReMix comes out of it, you might just find that you have more creative license =Þ I DID find a program that allows replay and WAV extraction of arcade rom audio, but I honestly don't know if it'd be OK to post the link here. The software's named M1--pretty vague, eh? That soft
  23. Well, I tried the usual sites I frequent, no luck, but if anyone knows a way to extract the audio from the emulation filesets, I would be more than willing to try. some console emulators allow that as an option, but with arcade, I have no idea where to start. I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with. If anyone else has done this before, please let me know. I have the means, but lack the knowledge.
  24. touché. I am bested. Oh well. Maybe a "Random-Obscure-Game-Trivia" thread might surface later on. If anyone hits pay-dirt on Twin Eagle II, though, I'm still interested. To be fair, if I find any, I'll send it over. FWIW, the game has a surprising amount of depth once you DO learn the moves, though...and freeplay mode never hurt anyone(regarding old, extremely rare arcade games, anyway).
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