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  1. Wow. Thank you. Downloading now; I kicked ten bucks in, but limited funds prevent me from better expressing my gratitude. That makes my month, man. I may re-download/re-purchase later, when funds allow. ...I'm just blown away.
  2. I would gladly pay for it on a service like Bandcamp, especially with the upped bitrate. Also, is there a higher-res version of the album art?
  3. I just wanted to quickly voice how awesome this album is, even after nearly 7 years. Been listening to it on loop, softly, since I got home from work. Perfect thing to unwind to. Sent it to a couple friends tonight, I told them this was my go-to unwind/chill album. Two new fans now. Sorry to necro the thread; Just felt a little appreciation was in order. Skrypnyk, Thank you.
  4. Resurrection Games making Chrono Resurrection...Ohwait. Zanrai Interactive making Heaven Variant...Dammit. Barring that, they could do well with the Einhander IP.
  5. I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten a larger reaction around here. The game had a lot going for it(from what I saw), and the soundtrack will not be leaving my "Driving Music" playlist for the foreseeable future. A real shame about the game, but I gotta say, this sounds like you put your heart & soul into it, and it shows through. The scope of the soundtrack alone deserves mention--67 FINISHED tracks? Damn good stuff. Just let us know if you sign on to any other projects, since something like this could only be made better with a game to accompany it.
  6. I had an idea: Let site users contribute suggestions for one-off content. It could be a review of a niche/less known game, rumor/speculation on news(though NOT stuff everyone else has already covered), or perhaps some tiny indie game that most people haven't seen(For example, try looking up "Eversion"). The idea is to cover stuff specifically outside mainstream coverage, like your Japanese Youtube idea. Difference is, that section of the site could be anything, and because it's user-contributed, it would be like your entire viewerbase was doing the research for you. You could call it "Have You Heard(HYH)" or something. Examples: Week 1 could be "Have you heard about OCRemix/VG Remixing?" Week 2 could be "Have you heard about the indie Shmup scene(show off Rrootage & the like) ...And so on.
  7. Not an OCRemix, but whenever I've needed it, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings does the trick. The choir version, Agnus Dei, is equally powerful(same piece, just replacing strings with voices). Get some good headphones, kill the lights, listen to the whole ten-minute piece. Not exactly happy, but necessary. Ya gotta get it out of your system. Hope you feel better quickly.
  8. Any way to get your other(VP) releases?
  9. ...And wow, This should have more following. I know I post next to NEVER, but this dude's been giving out well-mixed, expertly crafted, hour-long sets of prime electronica(WITH tracklists!) Just. Because. He. Can. Seriously, it's good stuff.
  10. Awesome. Thank you for the tunes, and thank you especially for providing the .MP3 so I can have it on the go. Awesome stuff. Also, BLIND is on this set. Only stuff of his I've heard was 'First Day', so it's great to get more of Jordan's stuff. Between that and Zircon/Pix, this set is definitely one more thing to be thankful for.
  11. SotN? One word: Crissaegrim. ...Not TOTALLY gamebreaking, as it doesn't grant free health/invulnerability, but between soul-steal and dark metamorphosis, that's easy enough to come by that it invalidates most of the challenge of the game. I had two of them, and ignored them for a long time. Once I tried one, though, they were all I used.
  12. Kickass, man. Thank you for bringing back the mix sets. I know this might be a bit much to ask(so feel free to tell me to STFU), but would it be possible to add timestamps to the tracklist? I was gonna ask you via e-mail, but spaced on it. ANYONE WHO HASN'T LISTENED TO GT'S SETS: ...I am so sorry that you have missed out. Please correct this. Awesome tunes, cleanly mixed. I have all of his previous sets for long drives, and there's nothing better.
  13. .....I always thought it stood for OCRemix Anti-Plagiarism Squad.
  14. I Wrote them.....I apologize for the wall of text: Good day, my name is Mike Ponce, and I firmly request that you immediately cease and desist the hosting and sales of the following artists' music: 8 Bit Instrumental - http://8bitinstrumental.bandcamp.com 8 Bit Weapon - http://8bitweapon.bandcamp.com A_Rival - http://rivalrivalrival.bandcamp.com Aetherius - http://aetherius.bandcamp.com Alec Holowka - http://infiniteammo.bandcamp.com Alexander Brandon - http://alexanderbrandon.bandcamp.com Andrew Curnock - http://beattherapy.bandcamp.com Arkimedes - http://leitbur.bandcamp.com Benjamin Briggs - http://benjaminbriggs.bandcamp.com Big Giant Circles - http://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com Binster - http://binster.bandcamp.com brentalfloss - http://brentalfloss.bandcamp.com Brian Allen Holmes - http://brianallenholmes.bandcamp.com Brian Grainger - http://milieu.bandcamp.com C418 - http://c418.bandcamp.com CFX - http://cfxmusic.bandcamp.com Christian Pacaud - http://unconsciouscity.bandcamp.com Cyborg Jeff - http://cyborgjeff.bandcamp.com Danny Baranowsky - http://dbsoundworks.bandcamp.com DarK PurPLe - http://phrancis.bandcamp.com DCT - http://sonicskillz.bandcamp.com Derek Huelsman - http://dhuelsman.bandcamp.com DiGi Valentine - http://digivalentine.bandcamp.com Disasterpeace - http://disasterpeace.bandcamp.com DrumUltimA - http://medicinelake.bandcamp.com elzfernomusic - http://elzfernomusic.bandcamp.com Erik Asmussen - http://erikthomas82.bandcamp.com Evahn - http://evanp.bandcamp.com flashygoodness - http://flashygoodness.bandcamp.com Flexstyle - http://flexstyle.bandcamp.com Frédéric Motte - http://elmobo.bandcamp.com Grant Kirkhope - http://grantkirkhope.bandcamp.com halc - http://halc.bandcamp.com Hot Freaks - http://hotfreaks.bandcamp.com Howard Drossin - http://howarddrossin.bandcamp.com HyperDuck SoundWorks - http://hyperduck.bandcamp.com Insert Rupee - http://insertrupee.bandcamp.com Inverse Phase - http://inversephase.bandcamp.com Jake Kaufman - http://virt.bandcamp.com Jakesnke17 - http://djjd.bandcamp.com Jason Covenant - http://jasoncovenant.bandcamp.com JH Sounds - http://jhsounds.bandcamp.com jmr - http://jmrmusic.bandcamp.com Jonathan Geer - http://jonathangeer.bandcamp.com Jonathan van den Wijngaarden - http://musicbyjonathan.bandcamp.com Jormungand - http://jschwebke.bandcamp.com Josh Whelchel - http://joshw.bandcamp.com Joshua Morse - http://joshuamorse.bandcamp.com kLuTz - http://klutzmusic.bandcamp.com ktriton - http://ktriton.bandcamp.com k-wix - http://k-wix.bandcamp.com Laura Shigihara - http://laurashigihara.bandcamp.com Magnus Pålsson - http://souleyedigitalmusic.bandcamp.com Malcos - http://malcos.bandcamp.com Mattias Häggström Gerdt - http://anosou.bandcamp.com Mattias Holmgren - http://mattiasholmgren.bandcamp.com Mazedude - http://mazedude.bandcamp.com Mega Ran - http://random.bandcamp.com Mellogear - http://summerherekids.bandcamp.com Meteo Xavier - http://meteoxavier.bandcamp.com Minibosses - http://minibosses.bandcamp.com N00dle - http://noodletheinnocentchild.bandcamp.com Navi - http://swamisound.bandcamp.com Nick Perrin - http://nickperrin.bandcamp.com OverCoat - http://overcoat.bandcamp.com Peter Hajba - http://skaven252.bandcamp.com Phr4kture - http://phrakture.bandcamp.com Poolside - http://poolside.bandcamp.com Prince of Darkness - http://tonydickinson.bandcamp.com Project X - http://projectx.bandcamp.com PROTO·DOME - http://protodome.bandcamp.com PrototypeRaptor - http://prototyperaptor.bandcamp.com RoeTaKa - http://alexroe.bandcamp.com Romain Gauthier - http://ninomojo.bandcamp.com sci - http://soundsfromsci.bandcamp.com Sefiros - http://sefiros.bandcamp.com Select Start - http://selectstartband.bandcamp.com Shane Barber - http://rushcoil.bandcamp.com Shnabubula - http://shnabubula.bandcamp.com Sir Jordanius - http://sirjordanius.bandcamp.com some1namedjeff - http://jeffball.bandcamp.com Stemage - http://stemage.bandcamp.com The Grammar Club - http://thegrammarclub.bandcamp.com The Joker - http://davidlpuga.bandcamp.com The Megas - http://themegas.bandcamp.com The OneUps - http://theoneups.bandcamp.com The Vagrance - http://thecoldcoldhearts.bandcamp.com TheGuitahHeroe - http://theguitahheroe.bandcamp.com Theophany - http://theophany-rmx.bandcamp.com Tim Wright - http://coldstorage.bandcamp.com Tomáš Dvořák - http://innerfx.bandcamp.com Tuned Logic - http://tunedlogic.bandcamp.com Tyler Heath - http://tylerheath.bandcamp.com WillRock - http://willrock1.bandcamp.com Year 200X - http://year200x.bandcamp.com Zas - http://zazmusic.bandcamp.com zid - http://mohammadyazid.bandcamp.com zircon - http://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com zyko - http://zyko.bandcamp.com The majority of what I've listed is either available for free via the musician's site(s), often the case for video game remixes/re-arrangements, or for profit, usually the case with original, non-derivative works. The violations I accuse you/your site of committing are the following: -Theft of intellectual property(use without express or implied permission) -violation of innumerable sets of individual ToS(Terms of Service) set forth by the individual artists/producers of said content -theft of profits lost by original artists/wages lost On a personal note, I am ashamed that such a brazen, deceitful act can even be performed by someone who claims to be human. I think about the artists, many of whom are independent, struggling musicians. I think about the fact that every album that they sell, often at a 'pay-what-you-want' rate, helps them pay their bills. The fact that you would undercut these people sickens me; That you would do so under a banner of "paying royalties to the artists", and that you even have the audacity to name your site "Legal Sounds" is outright revolting. I am not an artist. I am a fan. I don't have disposable income with which to buy every album that I want, even at the ridiculously low costs that are often set. When I DO decide to purchase music, I want my money to go to the artists, not a self-glorifying online con-artist. To make the grievous matters even worse is the fact that I was notified of this scam by a community on which I participate--OverClocked ReMix. This site survives on the goodwill of video game music composers, who stipulate that as long as the site is not-for-profit, they endorse these tributes made in their name. Your site, by contrast, SELLS OUTRIGHT the works of many of these composers, robbing them of their rightful credit and compensation, eroding the goodwill and relationships that we(the community) have built. I request that you remove these links, or AT THE VERY LEAST, acknowledge that rightful credit has NOT been given. I implore you to take the high road. Our community is peaceful and amiable, provided open talks are attempted. I warn you, however, that this community is a sizeable one. ignoring these requests will not end well for your site. Respectfully, Mike 'PC' Ponce OverClocked ReMix member
  15. I haven't written any, but I'm gonna try. I do have a Quick question: What if we want our reviews to count TOWARDS OA? ...Y'know, every major boss has minions. I mean, you even have to re-fight ALL the robot masters AGAIN before tackling Wily. Just a thought.
  16. Before I say anything, know this: I have ZERO musical training/theory knowledge. /disclaimer. I'm impressed with it, you can tell from some of the minor(one-note) changes that there's definitely an ear there, and it feels like a solid foundation, but a little vanilla. I would like to hear the backing strings beefed up a bit, especially since they are so strong & carry so much of the track. The piano flourishes are nice, but when they start so early, I'm left thinking that they're going to keep expanding in new directions, and they do, but then just return to the classic 'Never forget' motif. This track almost feels, to me, like I'm waiting for something. I don't know if you WANT to change it up, but if you feel like you've hit a dead-end, maybe another ReMixer could contribute/collaborate where the string stabs kick in, and extend out out a bit. I don't know why, but I feel like something NOT so faithful to the original would do wonders to surprise your listeners. I'm inclined to think that a nylon-string guitar, or some other unexpected change of style/instrumentation would really freshen it up. I guess what I'm saying is that the faithfulness to the original is killer, and worthy of praise & respect. Now that you have such an awesome foundation, I want to see what gets built upon it. I think this is my first review/criticism of ANYTHING on this site, and I've been here since the 'Orange' days. I hope THAT tells you how much I like the track. I'm going to keep following this. I hope what I said doesn't step on your toes, as it's obvious a lot of time & care went into it; As a listener, I feel like it's good, but close to truly awesome. I want to see the 'truly awesome'.
  17. Hey guys, I downloaded it for free(since, ATM, I'm broke as a joke), but I figured the LEAST I could do was say 'Thank you'. I've been throwing your names out to everyone I know since Suburbia's been my go-to-sleep album since it dropped(and STILL is). I just showed it to a friend yesterday. Hopefully the referrals count for something =Þ Good stuff, and thank you again.
  18. I tried to grab it, but all I'm getting is an invalid archive. Why do you taunt me?
  19. Listened to "Super VVVVVVeat Boy". Sold. [edit] ...By the way, I'm one of those guys who's always down to get free music, but never has enough scratch to support the scene and actually BUY. I just wanted to say that four bucks going in to support AWESOME music, along with a portion going to help a helluva tear-jerking story(your sister & her husband FTW), is a deal that can not, and SHOULD not, be missed. Ten bucks for ten tracks? I can't do it(not right now, anyway). However, four bucks for TWENTY tracks, with names like BGC, Zirc, and Souleye--Can't beat it with a stick. I guess what I'm saying is that I approve of your pricepoint, and wanted to support it. Listening to the rest of the album, I'm glad I did.
  20. Will there be someplace on the web where someone could nab an .MP3 of this awesomeness? I'd love to have this on-demand on my portables.
  21. This one's REALLY obscure, but pretty awesome too: Beat Blade Eagle 3-D(on the Sega Master System) without the LCD-Shutter 3D Glasses that came with it. They got stepped on by my toddler little brother. Took a couple hours, and caused a nasty headache for the 6-or-7-year-old version of me.
  22. There are some Final Fantasy VIII spoilers ahead, nothing story-related, minor gameplay-related. Anyway... This one's pretty random, but I'm still proud of it: FFVIII: Got to the final boss(Ultimecia, IIRC), her final form(the creepy one without a face), and somehow got all my characters annihilated within a couple turns, EXCEPT Quistis. Go figure. she was my "I don't care" character, so she had next-to-nil for Blue Magic(her unique ability), NO unique items, not even so much as special armor or a decent whip. She had all the hand-me-downs. So I beat Ultimecia using the only Blue magic I had, which was reflectx2 and shell, and my (low-grade) whip. ...It took me over 3 hours. Thank God I had those two spells.
  23. Well, I guess after Kinect, Move, Sixaxis, and the Wii, Sega HAD to do something...At least the idea's not a blatant rip-off of anything currently being hyped. I'd rather have to piss for points than just waggle something ELSE, right?
  24. I'm standing by what I said before; I'm still waiting for someone to claim identity theft stemming from this. I still think that as backwards as it may seem, their tactic of claiming theft to make themselves out to be the victims makes sense. Disagree if you want, I don't think any of us can prove nor disprove anything. It's all farts in the wind until something develops. I know, I know, they're offering complementary ID protection, but after the hellstorm that(I feel) they created, I'm surprised their "top-notch investigative team" hasn't found an IP address to track/subpoena/sue to hell and back. That hasn't happened. I mean, come on, guys. Would it be so hard to send the attack-dog legal team after the webmasters hosting the Rebug exploit? My original theory still stands: 1. they discover the rebug exploit 2. they decide to create a smokescreen 3. said diversion grows a life of its own 4. they bring back services saying "we're ALL victims. the big-bad, UNNAMED hacker got though us, to YOU, and WE were PROTECTING YOU!" 5. they offer first-party software to people as a "welcome back", knowing that people will eat it up, minimizing reductions to their userbase 6. said "Unnamed Hacker" is never found, the ruse vanishes quietly while they look less like morons than they really are. 7. gullible gamers around the world rejoice as their rape ends, all the while thanking their own attacker, and Sony looks for the next thing to weasel out of. ...Yeah. Go Sony. I'm looking for any alternatives I can find to stay the hell away from that. I know that if hackers hadn't found the rebug exploit, none of this would've happened. I get that. I can also speculate that It would've happened AT SOME POINT, and, I can speculate that, again, if they hadn't tried to squash honest tinkerers(like GeoHot), Rebug wouldn't have been found(at least, not so soon). Again, it's all speculation, but judging by their immaculate track record, I'm all the more inclined to feel like Granny's big teeth are waiting to bite me. Unless I'm missing something. I've kept up on this thread, is there some major piece of data that I haven't seen that says otherwise?
  25. Just as a thought, why not call it something like metaphorical PaintBall. Imagine: you play an average of 6 hours of TF2/week, and you have a regenerating supply of "Black"(negative) and "White"(positive) markers(paintballs). -Markers regen at a rate of one per, say, 3 hours of game time -each steam account can have a max of, say, 3 markers -you can use one each each positive or negative mark once per day, ten times total PER PLAYER marked. -You cannot mark someone unless you're actively playing with them, and once you do, you cannot mark them again for at least 24 hours. So Jim, Todd, and Andy are all playing TF2, and Bill joins. Jim just plays, no team-play, communication, etc. Todd is showing Bill tricks & helping him get better, so Bill "marks" him with a white, using up his one white mark for the day. Andy, on the other hand, is a douche, so Bill & Todd both "mark" him negatively. one hour Later, Jim joins in with helping Bill learn, so Bill "marks" him positively, which he can, since his last white mark was not used on Jim. It could keep trolls from markbombing victims, since their attention span would most likely rule out following around the same user. Does this make sense, or am I confusing everyone else as much as I confused myself? EDIT: minor point revision. Also, the example names are random--Anyone here named Andy(I'm looking at Zircon, who's awesome) is NOT being called a douche.
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