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  1. Very touching work. I felt extremely moved from 2:10+ on the metric change, it really grabbed me there. What I really liked about it and what strucked me as kinda strange is that although the harmonic changes aren't new (I-VII-VI-VII-I in minor) they didn't sound old. I think this freshness is further enlarged by the instrumentation...and lest we forget 6/8. The articulation is marvelous and most of the lines sounded felt. Very inspiring.
  2. I arrived at this site yesterday by word of John Romero. I listened to this remix and I knew I was gonna hang out for a while. I really liked this remix, I think it's a little slow for fragfests and like someone else said it's a little too clean. Nevertheless the groove is very hypnotic and the basslines has got to be one of the juiciest basslines I've heard (right next to "Synapse" ). Congratulations again for a work well done.