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  1. I have a jungle fever and the only prescription is more DK Music! Can't wait!
  2. Worth the wait. I am a bit iffy with the choice for Bayou Boogie, but I guess that's because there have already been remixes that would have fit the album a bit better already released beforehand. Otherwise, the songs are nice arrangements. Keep up the good work and hoping to see DKC3 remixed in the future
  3. The way I see it, I think I'm pleased knowing the project is coming out in 2010. It tells me that 2010 is going to be a great year for both games and remix music
  4. This is getting intense. Can't wait to hear this. I've been listening to all these other remixes of DKC2 music to keep me from blowing up in excitement.
  5. Well I am happy the Mine vocals is being redone. The rapping part is good, but when it sounds like more than one person is singing afterwards sounds a bit bleh. Party song is great, the beginning is nothing bad.
  6. Lots of blue, I like. I can't wait to workout at my gym with this album on my iPod :3
  7. Ah thanks for the link. I tried the search function. Perhaps I shouldn't have put in WIP. haha
  8. Looking forward to the finished product. DKC2's music is just an amazing work of art and I consider it Rare's Best. Been waiting for new remixes or at that an album of it bridging from Kong in Koncert.
  9. Guess none of you played Paladin then on FFXI can't someone have their own opinion on games, I didn't say FFXI is the BEST DAMN GAME IN THE WORLD. (because everyone knows Mother 1+2 and finally news that Spring 2006 marks the release of Mother 3 for the GBA are) I played WoW for 3 months, and I find it easy to level. Once the expansion comes out I will play WoW again, but as of now, I got bored of the game and wanted to play a game that has a community of talking people. I have been in many guilds and I never see any talk go around in WoW. Now that they got a new system in the works for
  10. More Pandaren goodness I haven't played WoW since I just find it dull compared to FFXI. The jobs are more expanded in FFXI and the community is friendly and is party based, which sometimes can suck if you are not the best job for the party.
  11. Nah, I believe that it will be the Pandarens, even though people are considering them to be a Horde race, look at the Blood Elves, no one would have thought of them as Horde. Let us not forget that China has now been given WoW and since Pandas are considered a Chinese animal, well you get the idea. Beisdes we need an animal race on the Alliance side, Tauren just aren't what they use to be =/ Found this on a fansite and Blizzard has yet to comment about this picture to Gamespot since Gamespot has also found this image. Before I start getting negative feedbacks from people saying this is FAKE
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