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  1. Whoah--that's pretty cool. It reminds me of just walking down the street in the rain listening to my head phones. The track manages to be chill without losing the listener's attention. I really dig the drum sound--how'd you get that feel from them. The electric guitar is tastfully done and the echo in the right speaker isn't obtrusive. It's actually kinda cool how the echo from the eight note and the last quarter of the repeated pattern gives a grace note feel. The melody line from 1:01 to 1:20 is a bit iffy though. I think vibes would have blended better with the jazzy feel. I was skeptical w
  2. Well Darkesword... I don't post often but when I saw one of my favorite OCRemixes on the recently reviewed section of the front page, I had to comment. This song became part of my regular playlist since I got it off your site in June. Whenever I hear SGX, Zircon, or Darke, I feel like dropping whatever book I'm studying to write music. As for this song in particular, I love the way soft dissonance rubs against the lead and how the melody and harmonies subtly shift throughout the instrumentation. It doesn't try and say "listen to me!!!". It's just kinda there will all its awesomeness. So to the
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