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  1. Chaos, from Final Fantasy. You've just descended through a huge dungeon involving all of the other fiends and impossibly tough enemies, and then you get this bad motherfucker with unheard of attack power, damn near infinite hit points, and the ability to cast Cure 4 on himself. In short, the ultimate boss. Seriously, if he joined your party, I could take over the world in nothing flat. This guy is INSANE. Coolest bad guy though, would be Odio from Live a Live, especially when YOU ARE ODIO! It's great, go back and beat up the good guys!
  2. My good god in heaven above, I love this song, but I am supremely dissapointed with the flute in Rydia's theme, which ruins the effect completely. The vibrato was WAY too overdone, and is a nice effect except I'm sure that a non-vibrato flute would have soared a lot easier, and sounded much nicer, as it is it ends up sounding rather off and annoying, which is a dissapointment. Now on the other hand, the vibrato works perfectly in the Chocobo theme, which I guess is just the way the song goes, but the Rydia one would have fared much better with a non-vibrato.
  3. This song is really nice, if you've ever played FFIV. If you haven't, and therefore haven't actually fought the Calbrena, it loses a little bit of it's effect, but it's still a good song. To recap: The Calbrena was a creepy little doll thing that attacked you in the underground, and was accompanied by arguably the most disturbing music I've ever heard in a video game. This song was what originally sent me in search of SNES Music, and got me started on the long road that eventually led here. Anyway, back to the review: Good song, I really liked the organ sounds and the intro, but I wish that the actual Calbrena theme was more pronounced and easier to understand and hear. A plain flute, without vibrato, would have been very nice, and would have cut through the background without overpowering it horribly. The flute that is currently in here is way too quiet.
  4. I really liked this song, as I've always liked the Final Fantasy theme, and it's fast enough to not be boring, as another reviewer said. My main problem is the intense repetivity of the over-synth, which can get rather annoying at times, and might have been enhanced by some harmonic changes. Other than that major flaw, I like it, the ending's fine with me, and all in all, it's a great solid-sounding song.
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