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  1. A wonderful piano piece Dhsu, I enjoyed this to say the least yay! chalk up one more mixer with piano pizzaz!
  2. fluid and beautiful in all that is trance/pop (I'm really taking a shine to that genre now )the breakdown (or whatever you like to call it ) at 2:09 is nice after the badass intro and the Sitar (or whatever you used ) around 1:45 or so is a nice touch... Excellent job Chthonic
  3. ah Super Metriod...never really thought Brinstar could be taken this way...very interesting, the intro and a bit from there was a mad powerful beat (I'm thinking 'battle music'? I'd glady trade in my screw attack for that ) but then it breaks into a somewhat calmer, spacey sort of trance...I like it and that's all there is to it nj
  4. Slavic? Latin? genre rarely seen yet MASTERFULLY done? whatever, I'm really digging this mix (yes, hoo-hoos and all ) while I'm at it w/ comments: awesome sig Less Ashamed
  5. this might sound a little dumb, but i've never known how to create link that appears just as text (for example, take the bottom of CapnHulk's sig, see how you can click on the 'cool' part and it's a linky?-refer to bottom of last page- yeah)..so how exactly do i do this? becuase just posting the whole bloody URL/etc etc leads to trashy posts.... again, please pardon my stupidity
  6. there was once a time i actually fought some of the dragons in FF6 w/o the vanish/doom trick.... and then i fought the blue Ice dragon and White dragon...and i'm not sure if i ever want to return to the old days man...freeze in that was B.S!!! no relics to protect against. nothing.zilch, nadda, nope! and white dragon's 'X-magic' or whatever he has to allow a casting of 4 Pearls in a row can just shove it...what a bastard.. i should play Guild Wars sometime...
  7. anyone ever play a SNES game called "King of Dragons"? it's pretty much a cheesy D&D ripoff i sometimes just laugh at the music and corniness...but somewhat fun... anyways, the last boss, the Grand Wizard or whatever-his-face is just plain idiotic... 1 attack homes in on you blowing up the ground (which is great when you can jump worth of crap) and is about 4-5 strikes...then his other attacks simply just fill the area with fireballs and other nasty magic surprises (yeah, you guess it, small fighting arena, yipee ) actually, that whole game is absurd...i've already came very close to smashing this very keyboard because some bright bulb made treasure chests/vase/and other places (where you thought something good would pop out) instead spit out a spary of ice THAT YOU CANNOT escape from!! (and you freeze and die shortly thereafter) and the slimes are just a pain in the arse other than that, gilgameshDG ( think i got that right =P) posted before about the SNES game Robotrek? yeah, De Rose is a massssive bitch just about every attack is death or leaves you in critical condition>< FFT: the first boss to become 'possesed' by the zodiac stones (or whatever they were, i haven't played this in a looooong time) Simon was his name i think...he uses looooots of status afflicting ninjary...try fighting him without anything to protect against status ailments..and it won't happen>you are scewed beyond belief... and yes, Death in Castlevania I is yet another threat to my keyboard...i just 'limp whip' his little sickles away in a corner (crouching though) and then rush him after he throws his scythe, jump scythe, avoid getting sucked into him...and then run like hell when he commences his rain of sickles>limp whip time again...what a bastard..he takes forever!! alright, i've babbled enough now
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