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  1. This is really bad ass. Love everything about it - one of my favorite VGM arrangements overall.
  2. Not the greatest arrangement - I much prefer your original rock arrangement you did with Team Fat <grin>. I've been an admittedly big fan of Mr. Sanger's work, since the redbook CD of The 7th Guest was what got me interested in video game music (well, that and the Dracula soundtracks). I have 7/11 and surf.com, and bought Flabby Road right when it came out. I didn't like surf.com too much when I first heard it, but now I've really grown fond of it - I've just gained a fondness for surf music in general because of the album. Anyway, not a bad arrangement, but I hope to hear more from The
  3. *cracks knuckles* hmm, okay Before going into any details, I just want to lay across my basic points - I don't feel a consistent tempo in this piece (leads and rythym tracks will slightly wander, etc) and there's just no consistent tone in the guitar playing either. Embellishments/trills/etc will either be barely audible or sound very fret fartish. While this isn't going on 100% of the time, it's going enough enough to make a glaring difference to me. First, at :05. String/fret noise during arpeggiating. Not sure if it's not holding down the fret enough or right handed muting gone bad, but ei
  4. The confused/stuttering guitar playing got on my nerves, but the idea behind the mix is pretty phat. If the guitarist practices more often he might make some cool tunes.
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