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  1. The way this is composed brings just one word to my mind: Epic. It is like sailing over the vast sea, scaling the great windswept Dragon Roost Mountain, and, as stated before, a prelude to a great siege. I could see this song playing as warriors dig into the ground of the island, prepared for the onslaught of darkness that had overcome Hyrule - no matter how terrible the odds or how dark the day. Yes...the forces of darkness approaching across the sea, prepared to claim the island and it's power...truly magnificent. You've done outstanding work here; I thank you for all your hard work and encourage you to continue on in such a wonderful fashion.
  2. These re-mixes are awsome! I love the remixes of Final Battle and Hidden Palace Zone. Great work - I can't wait for more!
  3. Ooh...another wonderful remix of some of my favorite songs. Though not normally a fan of background noise, I do believe the sound of rain fits in very well, and the opening brings me back to the very first time I stepped out of the Temple of Time as Adult Link to find the ruin that was Hyrule. Excellent work, I really hope to see more of your remixes!
  4. Another favorite of mine on this site. To this date, you are the only person I have found who attempted to remix "One-Winged Angel" and pull it off with a spectacular performance! I'm a big fan of FF7 and dedicate myself to finding any sort of One-Winged Angel themes I can find. This song is a welcome swap from the super-serious end-of-the-world uberscary origional. It actually makes One-Winged Angel somthing you want to dance to.
  5. Of all the wonderful remixes on this site, this one still holds a place in my heart as my favorite. This piece was what made me decide to join the forums here. I really can't describe how I first felt when I listened to the song. As a fan of Classical and game music alike, this creativly named, relaxing piece still to this day remains my very favorite.
  6. An increadible remix. You have taken two of my favorite themes from this game, and have enhanced them beyond words. Truely...I'm at a loss for words. The segment where Bolero of Fire plays stirs up the song into a seemingly infinite wave of rage - which is exactly what Bolero of Fire should be. Song of Storms - I'm most impressed by your work with it. You can truely see a "Storm in the Dessert" as you listen to this. I can only hope to see even more great works from you!
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