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  1. i agree a lot with the metroid bit from the last post, it has a very similar feel to what po! did with his Electric Clouds take on Zeal, but this is a lil more "i like this setting, ill stay right here" feeling.. i LOVE the rhodes patch.. great song, love your work Fatty, keep em coming...
  2. like the rhodes to the past remix, i LOVE this particular sonic choice... these 2 mixes are quite similar, and if you enjoyed this one, try Fatty Acid's Rhodes to the Past remix in the chrono trigger section... VERY similar in leads... i LOVE this remix's slightly upbeat jazzy feel.. it has that "im happy but not overjoyed, yet slightly relieved" feel to it... great relaxing music GREAT job po! and keep up the good work
  3. As Ziwtra posted before... great skills here, amazing arranging, expounding on the originals beauty... but really Star..your skills are going to waste on remixes... you really should be making music for games or movies or something, doesn't matter if youre 13 or 30, go get a damn music job and have fun with that shit, and POST EVERYTHING HERE!!!! this is a great song, i see it as a very elaborate remastering almost... amazing job star.. and as they say, keep it up yous!
  4. Ok...long time listener, first time caller. ANYWAY... i saw nothing wrong with this mix at all, given what i am able to do with remixing and arranging, which is next to nothing, and having been listening to and appreciating music for years, i believe this mix has MANY good qualities, and the humanized timing doesn't detract from the overall quality...ill admit there are a few spots where the quality drops, but thats to be expected in almost ANY mix if you arent using uber-software/hardware. great mix overall, you guys should do another sometime... preferably of a final fantasy game this time around.. and NOT 8!!!
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