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  1. Wonder how often this request comes up(I'll go back and check...): I need a good 'classical piano'. Something to do some beautiful piano solo's with. I've got: 4Front Piano Module, FL Keys, WST25FStein_00Sept22, and a few others, but none are really... Good enough. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Half the links from this topic are dead. ;_; Sad, too, cause I could use them really badly. Well, I'm looking for a good Glockenspiel. AND, a really good Concert Bass drum would be REALLY helpful. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, the initial subdued brass is fairly clunky, but that's my only real qualm with this - executed very well given the samples used. Does cut short just as it seems like it's getting ready to take off, I wish this song was twice as long - but other than that, it built some nice tension all the way through. Great ambient orchestral work, with a nice soundtrack feel... I like it!
  4. This is, hands-down, the single greatest mix of its kind on this entire site. I'm duly impressed! No other orchestral mix has reached the level that this one does - very dynamic, flowing, living, breathing music. The sound was amazing - but not only that, it was put to incredibly good use, and wasn't in the least bit stagnant like so many other orchestral mixes tend to be. Great stuff all around! Jeremy Soule has a new fan!
  5. I absolutely love the intro to this piece... It sounds like the start of some epic tale... heh. Very dreamy, flowing sound to start off with. I love the horns used, as well - very filling sound. Great stuff - captured the perfect feel for this genre. Definitely did the original justice - an overall fitting initial submission for a great game!
  6. Wow... This has got to be my favorite piano arrangement on OCR. Amazing stuff. After hearing kLuTz's work, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to find a better arrangement - but here I am, and I have to say, this is awesome. One of the greatest things about this is the fact that it's two distinct styles in one song. I love the more jazzy first half, but I must say that the sweeping, emotional latter part that kicks in a little after 3:30 is just amazing. It reminds me of a John Tesh piano album... (Which I consider to be a very good thing!) Outstanding stuff - there is so much variety, it just doesn't get old. I'll be listening to this one for a long time to come.
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