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  1. First off, thanks for recommending Natsume I-N-J-I-N (that is the last time I'm bothering with all those hyphens).

    As to Geass R2, it is still fun to watch but it is not as moving as it used to be. By trying to constantly surprise people, they seem to be ignoring certain factors (such as Toudou not being competent, Schneizer seeing a nation's people as its most important component, seven coming after six rather than nine, the importance of having someone to balance LL's character, the emperor being awesome). Sorry about the vagueness, trying to avoid blatant spoilers.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but is not Guilty Gear considered to be a tournament game? And in one of the iterations of this game, there is the option of playing as a golden version of a certain character. This character is capable, in the hands of a player who has at least looked up the controls and managed to learn one or two moves, to beat even some of the most skilled players. And, this character happens to be banned in tournaments.

    Guest characters or unlocked bosses do not have to be balanced.

    As to button mashing, haven't you ever embarked to learn a new game with another person? You can both try to figure out what you are doing or you can both button-mash. When two people are just learning to play a game, button-mashing usually wins (even in Smash Brothers), and the decision of one player to button-mash ruins the experience. However, at the middle and higher levels of the game, most fighters (even broken ones) move beyond button-mashing. Take Street Fighter II, it is a pre-balance fighter, but button mashing is a very bad idea against foes with any skill.

  3. I'm pretty sure it's integrated with your operating system. You could delete it most certainly, but you might want to look into alternative operating systems first.

    Otherwise, no need to be spiteful. Windows explorer works, that's the most important factor. Its main disadvantage is simply that it is the dominant platform and therefore companies and hackers make their stuff with it in mind. If Firefox ever surpasses Windows Explorer as #1 browser, I'll probably switch back to Explorer or over to Chrome.

  4. I've started combining TV with exercise and as a result I'm doing a lot more of both. But I HATE simply watching tv to watch it.

    Anyways, I need another anime series or two. Currently, I've little interest in Shonen or the absurdly long (I already have Bleach and Naruto for that).

    Mostly I'm interested in the equivalent of a drama right now--or something intelligent/profound. I wouldn't mind something in the vein of: Death Note, Ergo Proxy, Simoun, Basilisk, Vampire Knight or Kaiba (before it went crazy).

    Any suggestions would be appreciated...well almost any.

  5. If you haven't even completed a year of college yet, you're asking this question far too early; unless of course you're going for something that requires you to start in your first year (engineering, pre-med). Unless there is some awesome program that catches your eye (unlikely at a community college) you should spend your first year figuring out what you are most drawn to or what professors you most like. Though having the right major can be very important, if you can't have dedication for your major than it will be reflected in your GPA and when you try to present yourself.

    Also, as to the whole degree thing: a degree in itself is merely something to take pride in. It's the experience of college and the opportunity to learn things that are important. Having a degree in art doesn't help, but having the opportunity to train with people who dance or sing professionally (or used to) is definately worth something. Take the same approach towards these "gaming" degrees: ask what these people have done for the gaming industry or how they participate. A professor should be an active contributor to their field of knowledge, but I am a little uncertain if that would be the case for these gaming degrees.

  6. Anything that relies simply on nostalgia dies out rather than grows. If Star Wars relied solely on Nostalgia, it would be a slowly dying series with no renewed appeal.

    To give a game example, I like Actraiser II and Iron Sword because of nostalgia. I like Zelda, Dungeon Keeper and Resident Evil because they were awesome. As to Lands of Lore, I'm not sure whether it's nostalgia or the game being awesome.

    The thing about Star Wars is the slow take-over of the series by it's fans. The only real problem I see with the series is the proliferation of Jedi. I want to see a non-Jedi protagonist use strategy and planning to take down Jedi. Kind of like the idea in "Forced Unleashed" except that it's a hapless imperial rim-world agent with no force powers, incompetent underlings and poor resources tasked with hunting down a deadly Jedi.

  7. I'm confused, you say my argument doesn't really work but then site examples supporting it.

    As to saying that I should be complaining about the Star Wars plug-ins, I agree. I'd have much preferred if they had chosen some plug-ins that have armaments more appropriate for Soul Calibur. I would have preferred if they used the plug-in model that they had used with Link. In that case, we would likely have been getting Kratos on the PS3 version and...I really need to pay more attention to the 360.

  8. If you think Sophitia and Cassandra are the same, you are making a big mistake. Because I can decimate just about anyone with Sophitia. Though Cassandra has many similar moves, they have some radical divergences--especially in where their effective moves are.

    The "similar character" problem lies in the fact that for every set of weapons, there might be a several different fighting styles for them. Also, when someone loses a favorite character they get seriously pissed and may not buy the game as a result. I poured many hours into mastering Sophitia and would not appreciate having to switch to Cassandra. Cassandra just feels wrong when I play her, and I'd bet that most Cassandra players think the same of Sophitia.

    As to too many characters, I thought that SCI and II got it right: have the extra characters simply be there, without any significant story. That way they could concentrate on the important characters. On the other hand, they could label some characters as "Legacy Characters", no longer part of the storyline, it is not hard to include an old character as most of the hard work has already been done to design them.

  9. Much of the "own more games" statistics is likely due to the system having been out for an extra year: 360 users on average have owned their systems for longer. As to "aura of invincibility", that remains to be seen. It took a while for the SNES to overtake the Genesis, but it did so in time despite having only a small hardware advantage. The hardware advantage will come increasingly into play as the systems age and developers start being able to push the systems to their limits.

    It's like moving into a bigger apartment (or dorm), at first you glorify at how much more space you have and how you won't be as cramped--but unless you got a REALLY big appartment you're going to start finding it was not so big as you had thought. Though I doubt that there are as many pairs of dirty socks lying around in the programming as there are in my apartment.

  10. What I found amazing about FFXII was the exploration. It was more fun to explore the world in FFXII than any other FF game in my experience, and you had more reason to do so than other FF games because of all the hunts.

    And the plot for the game is pretty good; it's simply that you sometimes forget what you are doing in it if you spend time exploring all the side-quests. Though my favorite two parts of the plot were that the fate of the world did not hang in the balance and Balthier stole the position of "Main Character"

    As to the gameplay, FFXII felt more tactical than most tactical RPGs.

    Then it had a few flaws (Vaan, the randomness in acquiring rare weapons, and a main villain who could legitimately ask at the end "Who are you people?")

  11. There's giving a legit complaint, and then there's whining.

    Look at the industry statistics, creating a new genre or franchise is a very difficult and a risky endeavor. Many "new genre" games also fail dismally because people simply aren't sure about them. For this reason, most businesses try to stick to a core set of franchises or genres. The frequent alternative is to go after movie licenses. If you want new and original IPs, look for RPGs (which tend to rely on branding for success) or look to new companies that are starting from scratch. Considering that the big newsmakers are: Gears of War II, FFXIII, Resident Evil 5 and God of War III; I don't see how you can fault Nintendo.

    As to these "tech demos", that is perhaps the best way to unveil a new gadget. Create a cheap game to package it with so it can readily be used, and ensure that that game shows off what can be done. If it were to release alongside a hard-core game, it would not gain as wide of a market penetration. Also, it is showing third-parties that they will be given a fair chance on their system (rather than Nintendo leveraging its system control to their advantage).

    As to mere "waggle" controls; waggle controls are fun. And when I play a game like Halo, I wish a had a waggle control for clubbing my foes. It simply feels right.

  12. I kind of hope that they have several small dungeons in addition to the one large dungeon. Both 65,000,000 and 12,000 BC were a bit lacking in the end-game. And these had better have some plot to them. I would not appreciate it if they were simply warehouses of absurdly difficult monsters.

    As to name-changes for Frog: Frog is the more faithful translation of his name, considering the dialog preceding his naming.

  13. I might have experienced something similar thing a few times in Martial Arts. I stop thinking about what I'm doing and simply do it. And, as with your music, I was at my best at those moments.

    Fortunately, I could still see during those moments.

  14. I think the new advantage might just be having an extra set of sensors in the wii-mote. By having motion detection in two different parts (especially if those parts are a ways apart) they should be much better able to keep track of angle, twist and general orientation.

  15. Nina rounds out the school cast. It would be quite abnormal if everyone was important in LL's circle of friends. Most groups of friends have one annoying girl in them (just like Rivalz fills out the unconfident supporting male).

    Also, LL's version of "good" is not all that "good". His ethics are not based on morals but protecting a circle of friends (with that vengeful tinge). Anyone outside that circle is merely a pawn, whose only protection is that a chess-master only sacrifices pawns for particular ends.

    Does anyone else thing that Kaiba just got a little too crazy? They were doing superbly until just recently.

  16. It is all wild speculation based on the release date of the DS and PSP as well as competition from other rivals. Both the DS and PSP, though they still have a lot of life in them, are getting old by console standards. By console standards, they should be thinking about their next iteration. However, they are both doing well so it is doubtful. As to a redesign, the system can't get too much smaller. Nothing so drastic as the last dropping of weight.

    As to next iterations, I suspect that Sony in it's next iteration will try to regain some ground against Apple. It is a favorite tactic of theirs.

  17. I like the castle-oriented-ness, but I'd like more outdoors environments. My first Castlevania was Simon's Quest (and it was my only Castlevania for a long time), so lately I've been missing the outdoors environments and the feeling of traveling around a country (however absurdly the countryside may have been organized).

    I liked what Portrait of Ruin did, but I would prefer those areas to be integrated into the environment. Because each environment was isolated from the others in Portrait of Ruin, they got a slightly formulated feel to them. You entered, and then walked along a path until you got to the main area (a couple exceptions apply).

  18. My point was actually that I don't want a SC style throw, I've seen that before. What I want is the character to keep kicking during the throw. I actually see two ways of doing this:

    One is that the two characters continue fighting, but one of them has a new set of attacks while the other has a limited set of attacks. This requires that the combat system be built from the ground up to take account of each limb, so that a character still has options while they're grappled.

    The other is to do something similar to RE4: have it enter something like a SC throw, but have a series of opportunities for one person to tighten the grapple, and the other person to reverse or escape from the grapple.

    The problem with the former solution is how severely difficult it would be. The game would have to have a very dedicated staff to come up with a control scheme that allows each limb to act more-or-less independently of the others (especially when certain attacks would rely on two or more limbs).

    The problem with the latter is that the fighter dramatically changes when the grapple starts. The solution to this would be to make it slightly formulaic (think No More Heroes with waggle-controls for defense as well).

    I've been thinking about this sort of stuff for some time, but not necessarily for a Castlevania game.

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