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  1. It was the atmosphere and the script that made Prince of Persia so amazing. I loved the fighting system, puzzels and acrobatics as well; but it is understandable if they might seem a bit simplistic.

  2. Wasn't the original crash caused by too much hardware competition? Pure competetion via a plethora of businesses would ruin the console+media genre and herald a depressing age of plug&play dominance.

    The simple fact of the gaming business is that the more competition there is in the hardware sector, the less competition there is in the software sector and vice-versa. To give an example using some hyperbole, an inferior platformer can compete with mario by staying off a Nintendo console; a Japanese RPG may compete with Square by avoiding the Playstation; and an FPS may compete with Halo by avoiding the X-Box.

    What we have now for hardware is perhaps the ideal situation (sorry sega-fans). There is enough hardware competition to avoid the sort of complacent behavior we once saw from Atari, Nintendo and Sony each in turn, but not so much as to severely limit software competition.

    In the end, choosing between hardware and software competetion, I'd have to choose software in most cases. The exception being there should always be 3 competitors (though who they may be is welcome to change).

  3. Galvatron? Unicron?

    Anyways, the movie leaves plenty of room for a sequal. The robots have hardly gotten any development at all, only some of the humans involved. Therefore, a sequal will have plenty of room if it spent time developing the robots. Though that might diminish the mainstream appeal--but most sequals go in that direction.

  4. I have a friend whose still on his first.

    And as to twelfths, I've had some bad luck but I'm doubtful a person can get that much bad luck unless they defile churches for a hobby or have there house built on a foundation of lodestone.

  5. Though I have no intentnion of getting Manhunt II, I really don't like this "no AO games" crap from all three console publishers. With VCR, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, none of the companies put restrictions on content. Also, this makes the ESRB more reluctant to rate games as AO. There are plenty of games that deserve an AO rating, but they rate them as mature instead because the companies push adamantly for such a rating. The reluctance to do so will only be increased by knowing that the games will actually be banned.

    On the other hand, the reverse may be true as the ESRB uses AO ratings as a weapon to control the industry somewhat.

  6. Xel-Naga are far too much like demons in Warcraft to work as a race on their own. Their simply are not enough of them to constitute a race, and the few units that they would have would have to be extraordinarily overpowered. In short, they make a good NPC, but a terrible playable race.

    Also, I disagree with adding any races because five is too many and four would be making the game too much like Warcraft III.

  7. First off, there are a few difficulties that are automatically involved when one tries to incorporate Venom. The main one of these is that you need a sympathetic extra villain for Spiderman to face off against and steadily lose his temper. This was done rather poorly with the sandman (though Harry did an amazing job). Secondly, when Venom finally was introduced, he did not so much seem frightening as he seemed like a deutshe. And that does not cut it for a villain, especially one that is supposed to be as deadly as venom.

    Harry though, was the sole redeeming aspect of the film. Unfortunately, the redemption he provided was not quite sufficient to save the film as a whole.

  8. Apparently it was the people sub-contracted to carry out the Greek Mythology theme of the event that lead to their being a dead goat there. Ini a certain sense, it isn't all that different from having a full pig roast present at a dinner--except in this instance it is not exactly cooked. This might seem a bit odd, but the more I think about the event the less of a problem it is to me. Perhaps there is something morbid about being at a party with a dead goat just sitting there, but only the guests should be complaining about that. And I've never trusted animal rights activists when they try to portray shocking events as cruelty (the goat was bought at a butcher's place, nothing cruel about that).

  9. I think it would be best if they were to try and combine an MMO with a strategy game. One player could be waging a battle, but others could be having an RPG experience amidst that battle, and even selling their services to the various sides. It would be a good way for Blizzard to continue their RTS traditions while furthering their MMO ambitions.

  10. First off, I think its far too early to write the PS3 off. Blue Ray has been making some strong strides against HD-DVD (I can't recall the last time I saw an HD-DVD commercial) and the PS3 is the cheapest Blu-Ray player around. Of course, my preference is still for regular DVDs (I'm not sure I can fit two blu-ray movies and still have room for an operating system), but blu-ray has the feel of something that will eventually penetrate.

    Secondly, lets not expect the port-happy frenzy to continue. Porting is rather common thing early in a new generation of gaming. The markets are smaller than developers are used to, there isn't much of an expertise imbalance with respect to the various consoles, and when a "victor" for a generation is uncertain it's often best to hedge one's bets.

  11. Ahh yes, paving the way for GTA3. That's a rather sad pinacle, don't you think? The only prop I'll give the game is that they took the go-anywhere do-anything style of open-ended RPGs, and combined it with an easy pick-up-and-play feel. GTA is not a game I'd look at for depth, enduring plot or lasting satisfaction--it is an instant gratification game that's only lasting appeal comes from a few jokes made about the title.

  12. I'm a bit disapointed that as to new content, they aren't adding in a mode more difficult than professional. Though I'd be curious if they were explanding any of the chapters or adding a couple bosses.

    I'm also a bit worried about how they're changing the knife control. I was nearing mastery with the knife on the GC version and am a bit worried about it being controlled by the nunchuck.

    The real benifit though, will probably come in the unique dodges they make you do. Instead of the six inputs (R, L, R&L, A&B, rapid A, rapid B), they could have some truly unique inputs.

  13. As long as they don't neglect the popular charcters that they've already inserted into the game, wierd characters are welcome. Just so long as they don't prove to be mere copies of other characters. We don't need every Fire Emblem character that wields a sword, but two are good.

  14. Even a PS3 is still far cheaper than a gaming PC.

    As to Nintendo's next console pushing graphics--graphics are rather easy to figure out, you just try to figure out what the technology of the day can give you over what you presently have. Nintendo's stabbed themselves in the foot for their next console because of the Wii. Nintendo has decided to make their reputation based upon innovation, and they are not going to be associated very much with high-end graphics when the Wii is finished. This means that even if Nintendo's next console is up to or even beyond par powerwise, the Big N would still need some innovation similar to what Wii brought or be put at a severe marketing disadvantage.

  15. Brawl is understandably late as Nintendo didn't actually start developing it until after they had announced a release date.

    As to hiring extra developers, that's not something you do suddenly but part of slowly growing a company.

    And as to delays, I blame sales people's optimism and tactics. Developers are busy developing, not giving estimates-the sales people then try to put the best spin on something and say that the game will be out at a particularly favorable time (oftentimes launch). Then when the game gets done in the spring or summer, they suggest that the game be delayed until an opportune moment (the holidays). Afterall, its highly unlikely that production cycles for games like Gears of War, Zelda and Guitar Hero II just happened to end in time for Christmas--those games could all have been launched months earlier.

  16. Too much development time to match up players by skill? That seems a bit bogus. Though it might be somewhat difficult to match players up by skill initially, once done the same system could be done with little modificaiton for a wide variety of games. Hell, they could probably sub-contract some bored college kids to build a system that's quite reliable.

  17. What'd you have to do to get the Yizmat figtht? I've done every hunt and summon in the game with the sole exception of Yizmat, and Montblanc still hasn't handed over that quest. And is there any sensible way of taking him down that does not absorb all of your time? I've heard he has 50,000,000hp, and that equates to summonning Zodiac 1,000 times. I enjoy a brutally difficult fight (Zodiac is perhaps my favorite boss), but not when my chief concern is with regards to how long it would take.

  18. I'll put it real simple. Oftentimes, I simply am playing games not because I really want to but because I really wan something that isn't work to do. Vidoegames rovide that. On theother hand, when I get truly engrossed in a game I am playing not because this is what I really want to do. Prince of Persia, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Marior have all enspired this feeling in me.

  19. This is what I don't like about Microsoft--the pushing around. If the lag is a genuine problem for online play, than an online mode should not be implemented--or if it is it should be some silly shadow of the game itself (like the VF characters playing checkers with one another).

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