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  1. About the whole "multitasking" thing, how much multitasking is really necessary? If only the creative lead is multi-tasking, it is not all that bad. It's whether or not the rest of the team is multi-tasking that really matters. And how much creative influence does he need to exert? The game can't have much of a story and the characters are more-or-less already developed. So the creative lead has much less of a role than normal.

    What worries me is their figuring out how to make the characters actually fight. It may sound cool to grab someone's arm with a whip, but unless its a SC style throw you're going to have to think a lot about how it effects the other character's movement.

    Multi-tasking is probably the one thing I'm not worried about.

  2. I think part of the problem with easier boss battles may be the increased maneuverability. When you had to decide which way you had to jump when you started to jump and had no way of correcting the jump, many things were much more difficult to dodge.

    But, if you try most boss-battles at a lower level than is recommended, you regain a fair deal of that difficulty. For instance, I've been playing Richiter mode in Portrait of Ruin on hard with a level 25 level cap--and find Dracula ridiculously difficult. I have room for roughly three dodging mistakes, and it takes a while to get Dracula to his second form (even when I optimize for offense).

    On the other hand, I can see where you are coming from with "Dawn of Sorrow". No hard mode for Julius mode makes me sad.

  3. Genre-shifting is dangerous, especially with remakes. Just look at all the hate in the Castlevania: Wii page--then multiply it by two for being a remake and then multiply it by the number of Chrono Trigger remixes divided by the number of Castlevania remixes.

    Chrono Trigger could do with a little modification though. The game had strong leanings towards a tactical RPG when it was first made: many of the attacks had specified ranges and specific AOEs that came in a variety of shapes. The one thing that CT lacked was control over movement in battle. The monsters ambled around in a mostly random pattern, and your characters stood there until used. I'd appreciate being able to tell characters to spend a bit of time going one way or another. And maybe something to encourage the melee characters to close with their enemies.

    But nothing too extensive with movement. If characters were given too much freedom in battle, the game would become very much like FFXII (I love the game, but when I want to play FFXII I play FFXII). Also, nothing that requires it to be the character's turn to move; that would start turning the game into FF-Tactics with characters taking a long time on their turn. Just tap a character, and tap where you want them to start heading--and the game is still perfectly beatable without using any movement.

  4. How the hell did this get to a philosophic discussion about beauty?

    As to ideal standards of beauty varying wildly, don't push it. I'll agree that social constructs factor in, but animal instincts and artistic taste play significant factors as well. One of the failures of continental philosophy with regards to feminism and similar movements has been that it has attempted to pretend that bodies were as plastic as the mind.

    But on to what is actually important, I certainly want a classic platformer. But I can also perfectly understand the "wanting to do something else" feeling. How many consecutive awesome Castlevania platformers has he done? I can perfectly understand the desire to do a shitty 3d fighter after so much sameness. Working in a different medium might even give him some fresh ideas for the serious versions of the game.

  5. I remember reading on Dell's site (or maybe it was Wikipedia) that there is supposed to be a downgrade to XP professional for Vista users (though it may only be for certain version of Vista). Businesses like XP, and that makes the biggest difference for Microsoft.

  6. I'm saying we should evaluate this like gamers, not scientists. That means trying out his technique when playing against friends and seeing how it does. Perhaps then we pass back some feedback on how well it works or how a friend defended against it.

  7. Egads, he's not a scientist. I'd prefer to see "actually, if you use this character" to "why don't you check it out with this character". It's pretty tiring work to specifically test it with character after character, especially if you have to get someone else to control the opponent and try every method available to get around it.

    A trick has been found, we should be experimenting with it ourselves, not telling someone else to.

  8. I'll correct that then. I haven't played Megaman 8. I was referring to the original series. I also haven't played most of the unnumbered megaman games.

    I have however, beaten Megaman X1-6. But as I said, I was talking about he original series.

    So, as I have played most of the ORIGINAL series, I consider myself quite fit to comment on making a game in line with the original series. That would mean, you know, not making a Megaman Zero game under the guise of the original Megaman.

    "Flame first, ask questions later" is a dangerous policy. Especially when you're playing a FPS with friendly fire.

  9. Are we forgetting why Megaman went stale? Too many games without a significant gameplay change. As well as trouble coming up with new names. I'll admit, I haven't played anything past seven, but a few things need to be changed about the series:

    A slight increase in mobility (I don't want anything near what X offered, but a slight boost would be nice).

    A different way of connecting the eight Robot Masters that does not involve the typical "select eight worlds"--I'd prefer them to be connected in a more metroid style. Still, keep order selection in there.

    More weapons that aren't simply guns. MM5 experiment with having a slid attack, which was cool. But eight guns is a bit much--very few MM games made you want to use them all (I can only think of MM1, MM2 and MMX that managed this).

    I love the first few megaman games, but they really need to fix things up.

  10. With regards to dedicated vs. integrated graphics cards:

    I understand that the difference between the two is that the former has memory dedicated to displaying the graphics. On the other hand, an integrated graphics card relies on the system's RAM. My question is, could it perhaps be better to increase RAM rather than upgrade from an integrated to a dedicated graphics card? I figure an extra gig of RAM should work better than 128 mb of dedicated system memory.

    Of course, I am not certain and that's why I'm asking. I've a feeling that the efficiency gain of a dedicated card as well as those 128 mb moving it's data faster may make a difference bigger than the numbers would suggest.

    And the other reason I'm asking is that I've become a bit of a cheapskate regarding computers these days.

  11. Copyright infringement aside, I wouldn't want them seeing what's on my computer. It's a private place full of personal stuff. Most people have things on their computer that they wouldn't want anyone else to see, even if it's just some crappy experiments with poetry (don't look at my writing like you're looking at me oddly). My concern is how this "law" would protect that property. And, I think our "congressmen" will be very concerned about that. They wouldn't want anything of theirs to be looked through either. And I've a feeling that other members of the G8 face similar problems. They already cry about library records being looked into (and it's not like the library keeps that many dangerous or shameful books).

  12. I'm more a fan of seeing it as a rock-paper-scissors game. With really tough scissors being able to crush the rock, and rock laughing as it smashes a whole through paper, or paper showing that it can cut too--especially in anime. And of course there being a few dozen other options. But characters should generally be viewed in how they match up against particular characters.

  13. With the exception of the recent obsession with Karen's butt, the fanservice isn't that bad in Code Geass. Only Millay really has big breasts, and the part with Villette hardly lasted more than a minute, and actually fit well: it tied together Villette being partially shy, Villette hating Shirley, and Shirley's backfiring attempts to make Villette not hate her.

    What I'm wondering about with Code Geass is whether Suzaku is going to break down soon. I don't think that he is adjusting well to his new position.

  14. The pity is that you know there will be a season 2. Some of us had to live through shock and uncertainty throughout season 1. R2 is good, but it has a tough balancing act to get the anime back up to speed after R1.

  15. I'm primarily a Mario Kart DD and DS player; however, I feel that I should say a couple things in defense of blue shells. Normally, the game actually favors anyone who breaks away from the pack: namely, the person in first and perhaps the second and third place person as well. Weapons typically only hit the person in front of you, or the two people in front of you. In an eight-player match, this means that positions 7-4 are hell due to weapons provided to the people behind you. If you can break away from the pack, 1-3 positions are heaven. If a break-away happens, the blue shell is the only weapon that really rectifies this. The trick to winning, is not to get in first place at the start and hope you stay there. It is either to hang back in 2nd or 3rd for the person in first to get hit by a blue, sabotage all the shortcuts so only you can use them, or work your way into first with a powerful item up your sleeve. The last one being easiest in double-dash due to having two riders. If you're dusting your foes, ask yourself whether it is because you're that much better than them, or they're killing each other in the rear.

    Though I admit, sometimes luck murders the best player, makes a marionette from the bones and a dress from the skin. I swear that I haven't obsessively been watching horror movies lately.

  16. Wait, could someone stay straight out whether or not the online mode will allow players playing a Japanese version of the game with players playing an American version of the game? Maybe I'm a primitive, but that seems unlikely.

  17. My favorite soundtracks are the ones to "Last Exile" and "Simoun". Simoun was done by Sahashi Toshihiko. "Last Exile" has a great classical feel, but Simoun is a bit harder to classify.

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