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  1. Hm... I'm looking for something with Megaman X and Zero looking badass (from the mmx games, not the ZERO games). Also lots of blue and black in the background and my name in there somewhere. Thanks this thread is awesome!
  2. It's just as djpretzel said in his review of DJ Crono's Kono Sekai De, it would be a "love it or hate it" mix. You know, I wonder what this guy was trying to accomplish by posting this? Does he think it's going to make DJ Crono stop making songs? I think not. I can understand why he might not like it. I, personally, am sort of a fan of the whole Rap/Hip-hop thing. I find this mix to be awesome in every way (yes, it has its flaws, but nothing's perfect). I understand that maybe this guy just doesn't like rap music (heck, I used to HATE it), but that doesn't mean that he has to be a f*cking douche about it (yes, there's no other way to describe him than f*cking douche). Well, anyway, my favorite part of this song is the part where DJC says "Tick Tick - BOOM!" I just really like the direction the melody goes at this point. It's presented very awesomely. The part that I don't like very much is the repeating snare drum every time DJC says "Don't show fear and do not forget", I just think it sounds a little bland. And what does "Umdigodamore, Umbligottawattadorfore" mean? Someone had to ask. Anyway, keep up the AWESOME work Dj Crono. P.S. I am also a remixer of this song (just not a hip-hop version). If you want to hear it, go here: http://www.zerounithq.com/Castlevania%202.mp3 While it may not be the *best* version of this song ever, I still kinda like it. I would improve it and make it better, but I don't have the fruity loops project file anymore
  3. When I downloaded it, it said it was by Group X. Having been a fan of Group X for a few years now, I thought it sounded a lot like them. It does! But if OCR says Rabbit Joint, then Rabbit Joint it is. But seriously, go check out Group X if you already haven't heard any of their music.
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