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  1. What is the TMB project? Even Google doesn't know, http://www.google.ca/search?q=%22tmb+project%22+nobuo&btnG=Search. Officially the band's name is The Black Mages (TMB). I said he hasn't been outdone because this is a remix (technically that's the purpose of the band in the first place, to remix his own game music) of the original (even though he himself did the original). If you call the TBM version the same as the the original FF7 battle music then either you've heard only 1 of them or none. By the way, have you even heard the Those Who Fight Further mix? I agree with the muddy
  2. Maybe so, but I could (and will! ) claim the same for The Black Mages remake over this remix as well as the original. All you unbelievers need to hear the TBM version! Yes I know Nobuo made the original, and unlike historically shown many times, the original creator can not always be outdone. I still have yet to hear a better version after hearing this one, look for it as "Those Who Fight Further". I'm not quite so sure about the "hardcore enough" part, the robots were cool but they weren't the only cool bosses that this song mixes well with.
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