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  1. *lurker post* Allright, I havnt read the whole thread, probably will later... but not at this time. Anywho to answer the Question "How important are graphics really?" (note, this isnt about gameplay vs graphics from the thread title. ) Graphics are the visual representation of something. Like a painting is a representation of a word or an idea. Take away graphics and all you are left with is text and sound. Having stated that, im going to try to answerthe point of Graphics taking up more resources on creating a game than other feilds. If you think about it what a game sets out to do is occupy
  2. Wow, Just wow... In the word's of Ronald McDonald "Im Luvin'it" There were only 3 songs I didnt like, the rest Stay on my playlist till ... well the end of time Seriously, congrats.
  3. Wow, I listened to the preveiw tracks... and I hate to say it, but i caught and early version Secrets and Lies, and im just LOVIN IT! .... man, I cant wait, these are Really good!
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