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  1. Wow, my favourite tune from Final Fantasy VI has been done again. And I might add that it's an excellent remix. A completely new approach to the already many remixes of the song. I might like to add that the vocals do fit and this whole remix is almost at par with Death On The Snowfield. Love the use of guitars throughout the whole song, my only complaint is the last part (which is almost unnoticable) but the guitar felt a bit flat. Otherwise its awesome! Definitely recommended!
  2. This is a beautiful remix. I know I might be biased because I have a spot in my heart for piano solos. I really enjoyed this remix as it brought back memories of the game and its characters. Very emotive I especially love the quiet part at 1:59, it felt so heart warming to listen to it, and the powerful part at 2:41. Definitely recommended.
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