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  1. Sorry for my post in General discussion, I am new, blah-ty blah-ty blah. all my info was in that thread, and I don't feel like reposting it. soo... hi.
  2. One word, or rather, a few: amazing, ground-breaking, and climactic. Definatly Pro quality.
  3. WOW! This is amazing! I can't believe how well, and how seemlessly he took the theme and melded it into this remix! This is simply amazing! 9/10!
  4. Wow... eerie at first, then starts to get a little too electronic, but still good. It is amazing in it's own way, but different than I imagine the theme when I first hear it. really good, though! 8/10
  5. One word. WOW! I am a devout OWA fan, but this blew me away! in responce to your post, trenthian, there are no better remixes! I signed up JUST to post this! You have to be proud to make someone join just to review a song. I give this a litteral 20/10
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