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  1. Thanks people please dont go arguing about your choices too much In the end I'm giving my brother the demos of the programs and once he tells me which ones he doesn't like at all I'll cross those off the list and choose the possible "best" of the ones remaining, picking from the ones he likes is the best chance of the idea sticking anyway. Then if he goes pro someday he'll go look for the stuff he needs on his own. Unless I am wrong he already has a midi keyboard so he would just need the pc connector (which I'll bet the keyboard came with, and if it didnt I have already looked for one on ebay for a friend in the past so I'm more accustomed to what that is about). Also I like the idea of that workflow where he plays on the piano keyboard, it gets written using those music symbols on the pc and then those can be fed to the daw. It will probably be a pain to get it setup the first time (mis-comunication mostly) but once done he's gonna love it. Also I can't believe those old midi files I toyed with as a kid are the base for current-day digital audio But I guess it can indeed work haha. And I can't believe as well that hiring an entire set of musicians, audio engineers, the place, and everything could be cheap, but I suppose they are playing stuff there all day and earn their living that way because otherwise they wouldn't be hired that often.
  2. I don't even know what VST is virtual sample t... no idea, oh virtual studio technology, sounds too generic. I'm more interested on the instruments I need to get than the DAW anyway. Since apparently instruments come in VSTi (format?) and those are used by any DAW buying good instruments seems to be a good investment. I sent the reason demo to my brother so he can test it and tel me if he prefers that to fruity loops.
  3. Hi thanks, yes me = zero knowledge of music, hence this thread Also I didnt reply earlier because of the festivities sorry. He's going at it from a hobby perspective but I'd rather push him to try to profit from it some eventually. Maybe even convince him to save for college. Assuming he's any good I can get him work to do, even if temporary ones. Well among the reasons to get the bundles would be to take advantage of the price discount, and also because going to hunt for free stuff can be more daunting than just buying the things from the store. Unless you are going to give me the links lol. Also, I rather get him "final" stuff than temporary placeholders too, because he will have to learn to use whatever it is he is given. If the free alternatives are better quality however, then sure, let's get them. He did manage to make a simple song on LMMS, on his own, he said it was easy, so that's a start. He also commented to me about looking at FL on youtube and that he wants it now because it looks like it can do more things (I haven't told him yet I want to gift him that one program ). If I understand correctly, the only main stuff is the samples (instruments) then, the plugins (effects) and loops are only extras. He showed interest on starting a "classical" music composition, does the signature bundle include all the classical music instruments? Could he make a symphony (that's the word right?) with it? Personally I rather have him try different styles, so as many instruments as possible, and decent quality ones specially if they will cost money. Do the instruments work on any DAW? What is the "best" instrument package?
  4. Hello, my brother wants to compose music, he lives in another country (USA). He only knows piano, and he's very slow with computers, he doesn't have unlimited funds either, he can pay his piano teacher, but I don't see him buying every instrument ever and learning them, or going to college to learn audio engineering, so I suggested to try the digital route. I am a programmer, as such I'm very good with computers but I have no musical knowledge, so while I can install a program I'd have no idea what the buttons on the "music software" do or the audio engineering related terms are. Some friends told me Pro Tools was better to learn, but it was extremely complicated. The free alternative I found only runs on mac, my brother wont be able to get that, and I wouldn't risk buying pro tools to find out he doesn't get it at all. Since my brother is slow and fruity loops is advertised as a newbie friendly I managed to find "LMMS" which is the "free" alternative. My brother got to make a basic song with it on his own. So now I'm considering gifting him fruity loops, I saw its on holiday sale as well, with everything with big discounts. I can afford to gift it all (which is about $1900) but then I realized maybe those samples aren't good and there are better, and you people should know better than me. I'm basically leaning towards fruity loops, the $299 version, with a 35% off code making it even cheaper. It will have free upgrades for both the software and a couple plugins. Is it a good idea to also buy the "All Plugins" bundle, the "All Samples" and the "All Loops" ones? are there better than those out there? perhaps those that are better are way more expensive? I'm guessing Plugins are required because they'll allow to do things that can't be done without, samples are required too because those must be the instruments, just not sure if that bundle is the one set of instruments I should get, maybe another store has something better, and loops I have no idea what they are, they sound like program demos you'd get for free on a programming software, and as such I'm not too confident they are worth the price.
  5. Im just an average listener, but since you are adding the long intro for mood the rain was cut too suddenly, maybe if you add fx of entering the tower, like two hard steps on wooden floor or whatever that gives the idea quickly.
  6. I got some old fanart you could try to fit to use on your site: http://gia257.deviantart.com/gallery/#_browse http://gia257.deviantart.com/gallery/#_browse/scraps There's a Shuckle and Sableye. I also have a Delibird in line art I think, but isn't uploaded. pm me here and then on devart to ask for permission if that kind of stuff bothers you.