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  1. I'm either going to have an iPod Video 30GB or an unlocked iPhone 3G for sale soon. I'm not sure which it's going to be; I still need to do some research as far as what each of those are worth and I want to hang on to one of the devices to use as an mp3 player. But if anyone's interested in either of the two, let me know. Kinda lengthy I know, prophet, so I don't expect you to update the list yet. However, I do want these: Super Mario Galaxy - SlyGen Super Mario Galaxy 2 - SlyGen oh also, take of Majin Geodood's Metroid Prime 3 from the sale list. I'm enjoying it quite a bit
  2. I haven't submitted anything here yet and I don't think I have enough time to help with anything like tagging, etc. But I would like to chime in and say I am one of those people that cares very much about lossless audio, and it makes me happy to see that there are apparently a fair number of others who don't like to settle for MP3.
  3. I love the minor section However, I thought the little motive that scends chromatically was use a couple too many times, and began to sound cheesy as the chromaticism became more apparent. The arrangement/addition to the original is beautiful, and something this place needs to see more of. Now you just need to perform it, or ask Eric Barker (Noir) to perform it for you
  4. I'm not sure exactly how things are now, but I know the torrents were put up to alleviate the load from OCR bandwidth, so I can't see megaupload being an issue. Pretty sure the main concern is that the file name and tags remain intact. There isn't any infringement so long as the tags stay intact. But I would have put it under Gen Disc rather than WIP.
  5. I'm looking for Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy [slyGen] Also, I do want these for PS2 as well. They can go under my other Fatal Frame request. Still looking for Fatal Frame, btw. Fatal Frame 2 [slyGen] Fatal Frame 3 [slyGen]
  6. I'm just ignorant as far as how the Wii works; I'm sure it was a stupid question. I'm not interested in the Classic Controller, for example, so if you think you can sell it separately, do that. I'm also willing to purchase the entire thing at that price anyway, however, so it's probably not worth the trouble. I sent you a PM. We can discuss money/shipping there.
  7. Nintendo Wii + Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort + Wii Play + Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, MotionPlus + Sensor bar/Component Cables + DKC 2 & 3 + Pokemon Puzzle League (N64) + FF4 The After Years + Kirby 64 + Paper Mario + Secret of Mana + 500 Wii Points - $160 I'm interested in this. Do you insist on selling it all as a single package? I also want Brawl.
  8. As much as I hate to admit it, if you like Major I think you would be just as well off not listening to anything I say. I'm not sure which key it's in, but modulating a half-step up in the same key is going to make it sound very tense, potentially over-the-top tense. Consider modulating to a more closely-related key (meaning a key signiture that deviates by just one or two accidentals). I'm not sure what you mean by the ninth of and Eb minor chord. A minor 9th above Eb would be Fb. In other words, some key of E. I think modulations are definitely a good idea for adding flavor. Moving to Maj
  9. You have HG/SS's modulation to Major in there. Please take it out ;o Honestly, don't take any ideas from the remakes' musical remixes. Junichi Masuda must've been fucking drunk or something when he was dealing with the entire score (except for National Park.. good shit). I'm not a fan of whatever triad you're using at the very beginning. Whatever it is, it exhibits traits of a mode other than that which follows afterward. It sounds very out of place. I like the synthetic keyboard that comes in at 0:25, though I think the 8va transposition is too high for that synth. Consider using a differe
  10. You need to go through this track with an objective ear and polish it up. I'm sure you can tell that there are some issues that have manifested themselves due to sloppiness. It's mostly evident in the instruments' timing. That can be fixed with quantization. However your lead instruments also have a high attack, which will also make them sound like they're playing too late. You had a youtube comment that said trills don't work with strings. Allow me to elaborate: trills work brilliantly with real strings, but you're using synthesized strings; it's your job to make them sound real. Your trills
  11. Woah! Long time no see!

  12. I've been considering buying a DSi XL and a Wii lately, so if in the unfortunate event you need to sell any of that, let me know (if you even have a DSi XL). I'm just worried that shipping will be like 50% of the original price, so as much as I'd love to help you out, I don't want to give a big chunk to the post office. Since I'm prolly gonna get a Wii eventually, go ahead and sign me up for a wiimote with nunchuck. And if your Brawl sale falls through, sign me up for that too.
  13. SLyGeN

    Musical Modes!

    Sorry, Gario. After I read your last post I realize I sounded more abrasive than I intended to. You're right, apparently I was the one who added my own context to what you were telling me, and I shouldn't have come across so abrasively. Although I do read over your posts in their entirety, you'll have to forgive me for that instance where it appeared as if I completely disregarded one of your points. It's a lot of material to consider at once, and that portion of your explanation must have slipped my mind as I was typing my responses. You make a good point as far as stretching the definition
  14. SLyGeN

    Musical Modes!

    If the second degree is always flat, calling it a Neapolitan chord every time is just ridiculous. If it's a full song, there likely will come a point where it has no predominant function either. Furthermore, a Neapolitan bII should be followed by the major V, not a diminished vo. You wouldn't be able to hit both of the chromatic neighbors around the tonic to create that unique flavor of the Neapolitan chord. If there is so much concern over functionality, that should have set off a red flag when you said it would be a Neapolitan chord. (Granted, I have seen a theory book that completely disr
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