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  1. That... was quite spiffy. A good upbeat version of the Windfish song. I've wanted a nice one for some time, actually. My collection of random game mixes now grows closer to completion... Good stuff.
  2. I shed tears when I heard this song. Not the bad kind, however. The kind that say "Good Lord, how beautiful is this!" in their reflected shimmers of light. Words can not bring justice to the beauty of this song. While it's certainly not something you'd use for an overworld theme in any sort of fan game, it seems to bring a story into one's mind on its own. Its own legend, so to speak. Now I'm just being sappy... but it can't be helped. This song is simply amazing.
  3. First of all, let me say I was OVERJOYED to hear the S3&K Icecap tune in there. Nobody really acknowledges that the song changed when S3 locked with s&K, but it did, ne? You can all keep your S3 Icecap songs and such. The lock-on version was perky. Beyond that, 'twas excellent all around. I commend ye on a job well done. *bows*
  4. Has a Jazz Jackrabbity feel to it. Which is good, IMO. In any case, Bravo.
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