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  1. You "think"? what are you skipping over the cutscenes? /slap Go back to playing God of War II or whatever 3D crap people are currently going ga-ga over.
  2. It looks good I won't deny that. And when you understand how they did it it's even more impressive. But it's not merely a high res SNES game. The animation system is far more advanced than that.
  3. This game isn't nearly as "hand animated" as people seem to think. Just for fun ran it in Pcsx2 (I have a real game so don't flame me) and changed the emulator to wireframe mode. As it turned out the sprites in the game are really made up of dozens of little polygon billboards with hand drawn textures on them and linked together like a puppet. Same for the backgrounds, most of the plants etc are multiple polygon billboards all linked together to form a larger object. Remember the old wolfteam games on the genesis like Earnest Evans? This is the same thing only much more advanced. Here is
  4. Oh god no. Everquest is the Eye of Argon of MMOs. In fact if they were to ever publish Eye of Argon as a paperback the cover art would probably look a lot like EQ2's graphics. (Of couse we'd have other things to worry about at that point such as the apocalypse) I'll stick with FFXI thanks.
  5. I played WoW for about 2 months, hit cap and found out that all there really was to do at endgame was PVP and raid Molten Core over and over and over and over. I never did like instances, they seem less real to me. There's no chance of just bumping into somone at random in a dungeon and teaming up to get somthing done or seeing somone else doing somthing else and wondering what that might be. Crafting was poorly designed. No failure at all. You pick a craft to make stuff for yourself, forget about using it to make money because a billion other people are going to he high level in that trad
  6. Hardest boss ever: Vrtra Runners up.. Vrtra's sister Tiamat And their brother Jormungand These guys are so hard that they often wander around unmolested for days on end. Few want to bother with them because your entire alliance will most liklely be wiped out.
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