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  1. after finals i'll be on at least for a couple of days...still need to get my own mic though...i'll just have to steal my friend's
  2. overlord is not on OCR, but Genesis and I are...we were playing a custom game when everybody jumped in and we all got a good laugh out of them all looking alike! also i got a great pic in that game above, i you look at the pictures, check out red side picture with my name clicked...i love all the arrows coming down from the top middle!
  3. you guys were awesome last night...yea i know overlordoftoast is a bit of ass...hince i wasn't really his friend in high school but he works with Genisis so that's how it works i guess...you guys should have been there for the team sniper game we played on containment, i super bounced on top of one of the towers toward the end and kept raining down bullets on idiots running by the tower...fun times indeed! Genesis's little brother in the end kept switching teams and telling him where his teammates were hiding. it was great! then at the end Genesis switched to my team so he could be on the winning team...bastard...
  4. I won't disagree with you about physics, nor work, and I can't really argue with you about your boss, since I don't know the guy... but programming is awesome. Don't dis programming. Unless it's total gruntwork, or debugging code that should be working, then I won't argue with you there either. programming doesn't suck suck...its just this assignment i got...it seems very redundant and i've gotta figure out a better way of doing it...its boggleing my mind....
  5. i got school work to do....college sucks....physics sucks....programming sucks....work sucks....my boss sucks....so yea, haven't had a whole lotta time to be playing Xbox lately...
  6. hey, my friends play as Zero Genesis, if you see them on, they may be up for a round or two...make sure you tell them if you are going to play glitch games or custom cause they may not understand what's going on...they are about the same level as me (though they just started this account, they will have about the same levels if not slightly higher from playing all the time). A player with the triforce is one guy and the one with the white/blue swirl is another...so check their emblem to know who is who (they are brothers)
  7. that sucks...man school's and their stupid rules and shit...they need to make them more like college. I mean seriously i was always the smart kid (never the smartest but among the 'average' i was making A's and B's easily) and you know its stupid that as punishment they'd give OSS...i mean come on, they bitch if you skip school because you aren't learning, yet they will forcebly make you leave so you can't learn? where's the logic in that? now i know, OSS and suspension are there for a reason, but its not like i would be caught with some weapon or drugs, its usually the 'below average' students that do stupid shit like that and they are the ones that tend to refuse to learn anyway. Hell in middle school ISS i used to be the only way to get my work done and they made me copy from the stupid dictionary just because they had nothing better for me to do. i think the best rebellion i had was in 8th grade. their ingenious idea of punishment during recess was to make you sit out and copy some statement (what you did wrong) into grid paper (usually little grids but sometimes they were large hexegons, they called them 'grids'). i was at the point where recess was boring and i used to run my mouth so they gave me one and i sat and refused to do it because i found sitting on a bench for 30min nothing special...then they gave me another one for not finishing the one i had...i think i even got ISS for doing this...it might have been because i ripped it up and 'threw' it at the teacher...something about 'insubordination'...said something like that in the write up but i don't really recall...but if i could go back and do it again i would because seriously, ISS was fun, early lunch and a chance to do all my homework...hell i wanted to just move into that cozy room and get all my work done...i hated middle school... so the moral of the story, public school systems are morons...anyone with enough intellegence and balls could easily do what they want if they know what they are doing and all it takes is a crafty kid and an even craftier lawyer
  8. both core and premium only come with xbox live silver, but you can use your current xbox live subscription with the 360, so if you already have one (which everyone here does) then you can kinda say it comes with gold... also: FUCK MY FAT BIO TEACHER! FUCK HIM UP THE ASS! he took up my camera on thursday cuz the last few days i've been taking pics of the notes he put on the overhead so that i wouldn't have to write them down, but on wednesday i forgot to turn off the flash so he kinda found out. the policy at my school is that if something gets take up you have to go to the school district police station and pay a $15 fine to get it back. today when i asked him about it he hadn't even taken it to the principle -_-" the fat lazy bastard (seriously, he is fat, i can't believe that he was in cross country when he was in high school). ugh, i'm going to the rennisance fest tomorrow and i want my camera ;_; and the police station closes at 5 and it's 4:30 and my mom is gone ;_; CURSE MY FORGETTING TO TURN OFF THE FLASH! THEFT, i say he stole your camera and you have every right to sue! goddamn, i wish i had the testicular fortitude i have now when i was in school...there were so many times i'd like to tell my teachers to fuck off and mind their own business when they tried to take my shit. hell the only cool teacher about something was my government one cause he actually asked me if he could play my gameboy and gave up because the moving backgrounds in bomberman made him motion sick.
  9. all current subscriptions are compatible with the xbox 360, so feel free to renew Indeed. Let's put it this way: Your current $40/50 per year subscription is/will be a Gold subscription when the 360 is released. As for the Silver, well... it doesn't support online multiplayer, just patching, buying/selling, and messaging. So if you plan on playing online at all stick with the Gold. ahh i understand...dunno though...i'm still on the fence, hell the only xbox game i've played lately has been Halo 2...and i haven't played almost this entire month...i'll debate later i guess, got to much i gotta get done right now
  10. sorry to anyone that's seen me on in the last few days, its my friends, i'm letting them use my live account for now until they get their credit card number and can create their own. so if you see Zero Infiniti on they may not have a mic, but they are pretty good (possibly better than me...but i doubt it hehe)...but i told them not to join any of your games since they have no way of understanding what's going on (due to lack of mic)... i'm still debating on whether i want to get the yearly subscription or not with the 360 just around the corner and my current subscription about to expire....anyone know anything about the 360 backwards compatibility and Xbox Live Silver memberships? is there a site with this information...guess i'll have to checkout xbox.com
  11. I'm going to be on tonight with some of my friends, (guests) so if anyone wants to play a few rounds, they are alright if i were a 10, these guys are like 7,7 and 8.5. i gotta see if i can borrow my roommates mic though since i'll be at home and not at the dorm and i use my roommates mic here...if i don't have a mic and we play we'll probably play anything that is started so whatever.
  12. Well, you also dont have monster leg problems going on at the moment either... Oh, or food shortages. There's nothing to eat that has any nutritional value in the house. I can't live off of sugar X_XI'll be on after I mow the lawn... Maybe... I dunno still. since when do you need LEGS to play halo? and who needs nutrition? you're excuses keep getting worse ¬_¬ next you'll be saying you have to wash your hair what you don't shave you're legs before playing HALO? are you stoned!! that's like so bad luck...anyway, we had a guest over tonight who showed us a ton of super bounce glitches and other fun things too do...now i just need to practice and get good at them
  13. sorry metrion, my connection is the suck tonight...dunno what the hell it is but man our room gets some funky connection, one day its good, the next its bad. hell i even pulled the cord from my own room (we normally use my roommates room connection) and it was terrible...i'm not too happy with our ISP but they are all we have here at the dorm because they use a VOIP type setup for the tvs and phones (which i think is totally lame since the tv lags more than it should)...i wish they would just do like last year and have (what i assume was) Comcast with minor traffic monitoring...seriously, a firewall and anti-virus software on peoples computers and just block those with viruses until they clean off their machine as well as block those without norton anti-virus corporate (since that offers the best network monitoring and GSU provides it for free). See that'll keep people in line and hopefully teach them a thing or two about opening bad email or whatever....damn sorry i'm just pissed i can't play tonight ... guess i'll just have to study for tomorrow's math test instead...
  14. Terminal is not all about the wraith at all, hop in the gauss hog with a buddy and hit it 2-3 times with the turret and youll kill it. Or you could grab a BR or sniper and stalk your way behind it and kill the driver by boarding. You just gotta practice I guess. yea but if he sees you coming you're boned, and for what ever reason i don't have a buddy that'll hop on...but i'll bring the strategy up to my roomates, they constantly get screwed on that level cause some jerk gets the wraith and their teammates seem to be drawn to being busted up by it and the other team is hiding behind it...but thanks for the tip, we'll try it out next time
  15. jeez what's up with terminal games...it always seems like i start at the opposite side of the wraith and then when i'm at the wraith i'm usually ambushed before i even get to it...its so unbalanced, http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=313505624&player=Zero%20Infiniti the jerk at the top got the majority of his kills from the wraith and i never had a vehichle...damnit i'm pissed that little jerk managed to rack up those kills or we would have won... jeez i gotta stop playing so late at night, i never seem to catch you guys or when i do want to play i have to study or my roommates have guests over...between job and school i won't be around til at least after 9pm on most days
  16. nice, but it was assault....killing is not the objective (but its still naughty fun!)....at least you managed to kill the bomb holder 6 times best on the team, i can certainly see why you're in the 20s, i just wish i were a little better, i'm alright but just that extra lag element always throws me off when people disappear around me, but i love dominating unranked games, it was so much fun to do that in Halo 1 too
  17. sorry guys, the connection was sucking real bad...it would clear up then get worse, but holy shit i can't believe i sniped people while lagging as bad as i was...and we still won! we're going to try changing the xbox settings and my roommates are going to play, metrion, good luck
  18. burger king and hardee's (carl's jr) seem like the only two fast food joints that have really started pushing (and obviously) in that direction...instead of promoting healthier living styles (like McDonald's (though even that's an illusion)) they instead have been trying to reinforce their 'heart-attack on a bun'...luckily for me i can't eat at burger king anymore and i rarely eat at McDonald's either. Taco Bell is the only fast food i can eat anymore around here
  19. hehe yea, though i have to tweak the timer, maybe put it for 2 minutes and undisputed hill or something... definetly lived up to its name though!
  20. we'll have to do it again, but swords and shotties...to the EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!1!11!11111!!!!21!!!!!!1
  21. Deej, what time is the clan match going to be tonight? i gotta make sure i'm done with my work and my roommates aren't playing (or if they are that i can but in and get in on the fun)
  22. that was wild on lockout...sorry about the length, i was hoping it wouldn't take so long with the few of us but then the others started and there were more people on the sidelines taking shots in to stop the clock... but it was still cool. next time probably do it with swords/shotguns only (no nades) and 2 minutes...that would be fun! i guess i need to start working on a lab that's due mon (7 pages ewwww....) but it was great playing with everyone, if you're on later on tonight (i'm a bit of a late night person sometimes) i'll be back
  23. hey i'll try to be on, my connection's been...funky...it'll connect to xbox live on the troubleshoot but it won't log in and find it...(stupid dorms)...but i think it'll be fine by then, i'll try it out later this evening after i eat and get some work done..
  24. sounds like you need to stop touching yourself at night... nothing wrong with it...just kinda weird that an xbox live clan has an SNES controller...but hey it looks cool and that's all that counts! well you can use your own computers, but you gotta register with your ISP a static IP address and then you gotta get domain name hosting, and then these computers have to be fast and reliable (basically you can't use them)...there's other things you gotta do, but if you're just making something small and simple i would agree that paying for hosting will be much cheaper especially since you can probably get something free like http://www.freespaces.com/...i'm sure as a clan page we wouldn't need huge files unless (as stated before) you want to host videos and then you're talking about needing hosting with lots of bandwidth (and those are expensive....)
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