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  1. from what i'm hearing, people having the most problems are those who upgrade from XP to vista. i bought a laptop with it pre-loaded and i beefed up the system just because i knew it was resource intense and because laptops can't really be upgraded (get my money's worth). I have seen DJP's issue with files that don't copy and network file sharing doesn't seem to exist. but other than that it's done everything i need it to do. I had a few issues with running Java Netbeans but i think it was a bad program install because i re-installed it and it worked. the real kick is, what have people who boug
  2. i didn't have enough status to pull together a prank of any kind and i guess releasing a chicken in the cafeteria was the best someone ever came up with that i remember. but here's some ideas: fill lockers full of packing peanuts, my high school on the last day opens every locker and dumps the contents into the floor, its usually a huge mess...but imagine if every locker they open along the way dumps out packing peanuts. put a teacher's car onto the roof. (helps if they drive something like a mini cooper or a voltswagen) skip a day where all the seniors go out and buy super soakers and water b
  3. isn't it a little early for april fool's day? or maybe someone's just dug up an ancient one...
  4. I tried vista on my computer, it looked cool, ran so-so, but just had way to many annoyances to deal with. i have to turn off the cleartype font in IE7 when it came out in XP cause it looks blurry to me, but vista has it on for everything by default, i turned it off and things still looked blurry...games ran too slow, even turning off the Aero feature and the sidebar didn't get them running smooth, did help performance though, but just not enough. aesthetically speaking, its great but processing wise, it over taxes my system like i thought it would. so i'll stick with my XP for now until i get
  5. i say everyone in major towns, get some friends together, go down to your local radio shack and buy LED lights, batteries, wire, and black protoboards. make some ATHF signs and hang them around your respective towns. and i think i agree with the coke vendor at my store today, he said they need to go find the guy that called the police told them the signs look like bombs. i hope boston realizes everyone is laughing at them now.
  6. no, they said both accounts have to have the same last name, basically they have to be owned by the same person. since i'd be using my credit card to pay, i couldn't use his name, nor do i want too. regardless, nice thought though. besides its not like i don't know his password, i'll get what i need from them when i start a new character and go from there. i'm just enjoying the experience and learning the game play so when i do start my account i'll be ready.
  7. yea, cause you know the thousands of volcanos giving off tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide/monoxide everyday 24/7 for the last couple of thousand years has nothing to do with it. or that certain rain forests may even give off certain methane gases....nope, its all been the human's fault with their 100 years or so of burning fossil fuels, coal, and 40 or so years of nuclear energy...not to mention that we've drastically reduced the number of CFCs emissions in the last decade or so. yes we realized its effects of putting holes in the ozone, that's why we stopped using them. here's why the ear
  8. yea, but a night in jail and their lawyer basically limiting them to what they can say, i think it was pretty amuzing for something probably thought up on the fly. how else would you get the press to leave you alone? annoy them and don't give them what they want, its fricken awesome!
  9. what a bunch of retards in boston. your telling me outta the thousands of people, probably hundreds of cops that saw the lights, not one of them, not a single one of them recognized them to be cartoon characters. i'm not saying they have to know what show or what their names are, but come on...give me a damn break people.
  10. My roommate got it for christmas and my computer is the only one that can run it. we've both been playing, but later when he gets his own computer, or i get a laptop, i'm going to buy the game and create my own account...it'll suck cause i can't switch my character over, but i figure i'll restart my BE Mage anyway, i've barely played her and instead been playing my undead warlock. I play on Dunemaul, name's Alkaid, undead warlock. but judging by the first page, no one plays on Dunemaul...oh well, i'll play with my bro and my roommate and some of my bro's friends. PS: Oh and Horde ftw!
  11. Intel P4 2.52GHz 1 Gig RAM Radeon 9800 Pro-Wannabe I'm pretty sure i have the specs, but i think its just barely. i probably meet the minimum and not the recommended. i usually prefer to have the recommended or better when it comes to running programs, but i can't control things like processor speed/power without having to go out and practically buy a new computer. from what crucial.com tells me, my system tops off at a gig of ram, so i'm not sure if i can put any more into it. its a dell, it was built to be a working computer, which it does very well. i'm happy with it, but later on when i'm
  12. i haven't attempted to eject a cartridge from my ds while its on, but reguardless, they'll have to come up with something. having to manufacture a gba memory card would be kinda a waste considering that it would only be used for one game (even though it'd be mad cheap to manufacture you know they'll charge 40 bucks for it). granted they could make it universal, but then that's only for games released after the card, and if they decide to use them. if the cartridges hold up to 1 gig, that's a lot of information that can be stored and i believe that covers a majority of games that nintendo or 3r
  13. windows xp professional i thought defaulted to WORKGROUP too...it seems like anyone with networking problems seems to be running xp home edition... anyway, cool read pylon. though i can agree with others here that my system isn't requiring or desperately needing me to go out and pay $300 to overtax it beyond its specs (my comp's barely compatible). granted if i buy a new computer in the next few years that'll run it, sure i'll buy it with the machine. i do think that waiting a little while to see how it runs on the market would do some good too. i remember when xp first came out and my dad was
  14. yea there's definetely a lot of dead horse beating going on around here... but just to point out which actually each CD on the playstation was about 400mb (at least when i copied them to ISOs), take the fact that each CD probably has the exact same content on them except the few cutscene and i'm sure dialog changes (you know since [sPOILOERS]Aeris dies on the first disk[/spoilerS] so you don't much need her information or related dialog on the next two disks...not to say its not there, but in a coding perspective). compressing the game would be too easy. you do know that a PS1 memory card wa
  15. Actually i could see improvements to be added to the wii. other than ripping it apart and adding new hardware internally, addons can easily be adapted for it. light-gun, that power-glove someone was talking about, hell i was telling my dad that it would be cool to add a vest type item which senses where a player is standing (like the police 911 game in the arcade). imaging boxing where you don't have to sway the wiimote and chuck, but you sway your body. the device is capable of supporting any bluetooth or infared device, so there are plenty of options there. As for Sony and Microsoft, let the
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