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  1. I have friends who are now absolutely obsessed with this song. I actually have to admit I thought it was hilarious... believe it or not you now have several people who have memorized that song infinitely for the purpose of scaring those who don't play video games. I have no idea how you used the computer voice system... but it was extremely effective... not to mention the musical composition itself backe the voices up really well... keep up the good parodies... I think you have a really good start there...
  2. This game is a classic, and the way you brought out one of my favorite character themes of all time was spectacular. The piano layering was well done, and thank you for keeping in beat... it drives me nuts to listen to a song that can't choose which beat to follow. This one earned my liking... which isn't easy...
  3. I have to applaud this re-mixer for style, inventiveness, and the ability to take on a hard to re-mix song and make it into something that doesn't drive people bonkers as they're trying to fit tiny blocks into tiny spaces... i found this one quite enjoyable as a mix between accoustic and random techno beats collided well to make an old video game tune something that would make the game's original designers happy... the beginning starts out with a slow intro, but soon afterwards picks up pace to the driving beat behind it (it actually reminds me of belly-dancing music), yet the Russian instrume
  4. This has to be one of the best re-mixes i have ever heard... the layering on it is pretty much seamless, in the beginning the background strings are magnificent, and this re-mix never feels unbalanced as if one component is attempting to over-run the other, the build up to the climax is spectacular and the piano part near the end is well placed... over-all an awesome re-mix...
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