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  1. Thanks for that, downloading it. Although I do have great information: I have all of VGMix 2 and VGMix X remixes. "Apollia" sent them to me. I started a video series showcasing some of the great ones: Go ahead and READ most of the video's description, for all the information that's needed, until I think of more to add. I rarely know which direction to face in these remixing communities to find the people I need to get maximum impact out of sharing the entire archives with people. I'm not sure where to get to the highest order of this community's gathering to have the biggest event possible, to show everyone there that these remixes are not lost forever to the void. So, I can upload them whenever I get enough attention for giving them all out, lol. Apollia herself has told me that she would be even far less likely to speak up / without being shy about it. As for me, I would post this under my Audity account (which I did several posts ago), but this forum changed a bit, so I just used this account that I created in 2005 (it had the password right in the e-mail I received for it in 2005, LOL).
  2. So here I am, finding this thread. I'm waiting for my other account, Audity, to be re-enabled. Yeah. (This account's from 2005!!!!) Ellywu2, or anyone who has versions of this remix, do you still have the 2009 version? I have a version that was on VGMix X back in the day. Crazy how time flies. http://www.escaprism.org/Ellywu - Its Alive.mp3 That's from 2008 I think, or 2007? But Ellywu2 a few posts above this one, from 2009, says he resubmitted it to ocremix. (I wonder if the judges even looked at it, considering how swamped they were back in the day. I haven't kept up with the community in long spurts.) Thanks.
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