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  1. Hi all, A new take on an old classic - done in the style of modern day film scores, think Zimmer. https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/goldenaxe-wip Enjoy! (I haven't mixed/sorted out levels yet etc, so loudness will be all over the place)
  2. I wasn't expecting much... I was pleasantly surprised. Very nice.
  3. Orchestral rendition of the Everquest theme - still early days, just working things out. I absolutely love this original piece of music, despite being a UO guy Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/everquest-theme-wip
  4. ellywu2

    wip Sonic 3 - Icecap EDM

    Another update - structure is there now. I just need to work on transitions and mastering a tad.
  5. ellywu2

    finished Killer Toe Funk (Toejam Jammin)

    Sick. Always room for more GT in ma life.
  6. ellywu2

    wip Sonic 3 - Icecap EDM

    Have gone back to the drawing board - I really hate standard dubstep wubs, so have tried something else. It's really, really early days, but enjoy. Also, the snare leading into the drop needs to be isolated more - I need to cut reverb off the build.
  7. A quick and dirty orchestral remix of the theme for Britain from Ultima Online. Loved this game and everything about it. It's almost a direct cover, with only added instrumentation and a few extra lines - hope you enjoy!
  8. Motherfuckin' Binster! Link's down, but it doesn't matter, your stuff is always rad as hell and the next time I am in Cambridge on work I simply must buy you a pint. *edit* link works - you're mental. Love it.
  9. ellywu2

    wip Sonic 3 - Icecap EDM

    All good points, thank you.
  10. Hello, Something I've been working on. I had, in fact, finished the whole song - prior to FLstudio eating it of course This is what is left, will finish and tweak. No mastering/minimal mixing so far. Also, it's Icecap. I've never tried this song before - why not. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/ice
  11. A small update - I have started fleshing it out now!
  12. ellywu2

    wip FF7 - 'Cid's Theme'

    Yeah, it was definitely a placeholder. I'll be honest - I hate trumpets. Here's a slightly updated version. Not too much extra, but getting there. https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/cids-theme-wip-v2
  13. Hi all, First draft (flirtation with?!) Cid's theme from FF7. Orchestral. Levels are off a bit already, but I'll work them out. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/cids-theme-wip-v2
  14. ellywu2

    OC ReMix @ London Anime Con 2014!

    OCR in the UK? Might be a chance I will pop along. If only to chuck shit at Fishy.
  15. Hi all, Just the very bare bones of a mix I am working on. Ignore the pizzi at the end - that's going when I get round to it. This is very very very early. enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/ellywu2/chrono-trigger-the-day-the