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  1. Im far from finished with this but, im kinda stuck on what to do, so any feed back would be helpful. http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/219139/lod2.mp3betA2.mp3
  2. Yo, im not new here, its just been a goooooood little while since ive been here so,umm yea.
  3. umm, i wanted to ask a favor of one of the sig makers... my photoshop is fukin up and im going to have to send the computer in soon, so can somebody take that request from me if that person really wants that request filled, i have a temporary sig up, a couplve posts back.
  4. From a few pages back, for those interested in doing something (not mine btw. Just a request that fell between the cracks from all the advertising). If u want u can use this sig until im thorugh with the other.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v110/Ezzel/mcdonalds2.png
  5. umm, i wanted t oask is it ok if i help out with sigs and stuff?..i need to get back into doing them anyway.
  6. yo, man names ssjgodzilla im 17 from Alabama, and i love this site..and currently starting out in trying to make my own mixes and stuff.
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