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  1. This song should be a legend! The cool part of this song that's not related to music is that this is Akuma's theme song, not anybody else's. Everyone who's unlocked & fought with Akuma knows that guy can kick your ass all over the battleground! The only error is that the first sound effect doesn't connect with the start of the song. If we heard that sound thing then the music cut in after the clash sound then this song would reign as king! I give it 4 1/2 stars. Well done!
  2. I like that hat with the spike on top. It's one of the coolest parts of the uniform.
  3. This song doesn't deserve a 10/10, it deserves 20/10! Now usually I'd go with the 10/10, but Magus is threatening me with his Dark Matter spell right now, & I want to keep my HP high. You know what I mean!
  4. Daring? Hahaha! I wish! I've been raised on video games & now they are all I know. I have a taste for cool music but I have no ability for making any. The reason I asked that is so that I may be able to at least find out more. If you don't ask, you won't get an answer!
  5. How do you get those dope pictures to appear in the post? Also, what program should a money-strapped remixer wannabe get so that he can start learning? I've always wanted to do a remix of the melee sequence music in Ultima VI.
  6. This song was DOPE! You could visualize the soldiers marching down a ruined town, you could see Hitler giving his legions a pep talk, you could feel it in your heart. It was one of the most impacting remixes I've ever heard. Mazedude, please teach me just a minute part of your remixing knowledge, so that I may be able to become as great as you!!
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