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  1. aw man....i HATED him.....i think ur supposed to.......aw crap i forgot, thanks now im gonna hafta play the game over again>< lol.
  2. Ah, Deadbeard (Golden Sun) I still think Dulahan is THE bastard, i remember the only way i beat him was putting ALL my djinni on standby and had the 4 characters of GS go first and summon, then after they all died finished off with the GS2 characters summoning. I know it was cheap, but i was desperate.
  3. at times they can make things easier, as sumtimes all u need is a slight nudge in the right direction
  4. It kinda is at that point and time, but mainly hes more of a pain in the ass than hard
  5. the easiest way i found is using the Rolling Sheild weapon, or are u talking bout stategy wise?
  6. Speaking of FFX, the hardest boss in there had to be a tie between Yunalesca, and Braska's Final Aeon(Jecht) GOD I hated those bastards.
  7. actually no and no, but if its that good/hard ill be sure to get it, thanks for the suggestion
  8. wha? well anyway Ikaruga is hard......and to quote maddox, "harder than blind a lesbians nipples in a fish market"
  9. Not sure if this was mentioned but it had to be, boss#2,3,4......o hell ALL of Ikaruga was hard a as SHIT!!
  10. right the topic......hmm..another i found to be evil was in Resident Evil 3, the fight with nemesis after he shoots down the helicopter at the clock tower
  11. really? i found em all but never bothered to get all the skills for more than one.....chocobuckle annoyed me to get, an i never found who else other than ultima weapon had shadow flare
  12. I can testify to this. Kurt Zisa was MUCH harder than Sephiroth, though. Sephiroth was at least beatable as low as level 60-70, Kurt Zisa was next-to-fucking-impossible even at level 99. Both great and fun bosses, though. Sephiroth seemed to require faster reflexes while Kurt Zisa was more about tactics and stamina. Kurt Zisa gets my vote for "Hardest Boss Ev4r". o man do i agree......i was able to beat Sephiroth with the Kingdom Key, and STILL get my ass handed to me by Kurt
  13. I guess that makes you evil with a heart.....or the diet coke of evil ^^ I really wanted to post to ask jus one question, namely the avatars, i've noticed their diffrent than other forums and wondering where i can find one meeting the forum standards...and sorry if this is in another section
  14. Hey HEY! I'm RaikenEdge, real name *****(HAH), I've been listenin to remixes for almost a yea, but have been much too lazy to join the forums ^^. I like lots of food, and yes folks, SNES still rules to this day (I dare anybody oppose the greatness that is Chrono Trigger><...jk...but seriously) and as u can see, I should rarely be taken seriously,...except this part as my dream is to become a professional trumpet player for some kinda orchestra (Philharmonic Nobuo/Square-Enix PLEASE) and am sorta workin on a remix of my own. Hopin to a good run in this forum ^^.
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