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  1. I'm kinda mixed on this one as well. Pretty much, as we all know, there are two versions of this song on the site. I have and like them both. This one is a little more softspoken and gives like... an optimistic feel to the song, and the other one is grungy and crunchy. So I'm like... I can't decide?!?!? Both of those mixes, I'm guessing would sound AWESOME together. You have a crapload of good elements in each one, so I was trying to think of how it would sound if they were put together. Of course I suck at making music, but I do like listening. It's an awesome and easy listen. Uber good job! ^.^;;
  2. W00t! Okay, so my first post here, and I chose this mix. =) Rock on, Mazedude! Picked this song for my RP character on a webforum cuz it fits her like a fricken glove. Creepy, crazy and all over evil sounding. I agree with meccaneer in that it's just a tad slow in the beginning, but once it picks up, man, it rules the school. Awesome job! Lookin' forward to more.