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  1. If anyone out there uses Blender for 3d modeling, I need some quick help. How do you save your render as a jpeg? I just want the image of the render to be saved and I believe there is a specific way of doing so.Thanks.
  2. thx alot moseph ill try it out and see wat happens, appreciate it - JOTA
  3. Anyone here use Blender and know how to save your render or model as an image (jpeg, etc.)? If anyone knows what im talking about please help, Thanks. - JOTA
  4. im not one to remix but i thought this was pretty cool gave it a small twist to the sound of the theme
  5. Killer Instinct definitely has some cool fukin music man. Whoever is out there PLZ make more remixes of KI music or even from Gold but man something has to be released. The game kicks ass.
  6. i never new this was a magus mix. its a great freakin remix no matter what.
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