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  1. Wow. This is good stuff, and I've never seen the game. It strikes my fancy because it reminds me so much of Prodigy. It would suprise me to no end if Gecko didn't borrow themes from them.
  2. I did some work on your sig, darthtime, but I don't know if it works for ya. In case my private message didn't go through, here.
  3. You may want to find a way to getting that picture into something that isn't so tall. The width is fine, but height is another story. In my humble opinion, any sig that's over 200 pixels in height is a little intrusive. between 100 and 150 is a pretty good range. Mine is 120 pixels tall, and 500 wide. Width's are more varied. More than 600 might be questionable, though.
  4. I don't know why I didn't remember this before, but some guys in FFT were really nutty. Elmdor - Final Fantasy Tactics The most unfair dude I had yet to encounter. He supposedly had abilities he didn't even use in the game. Fortunately I made up a small FAQ that turned him into a wuss. I eventually got it just right to completely dominate that battle, steal everything from him easily, and make him harmless. But for anyone who doesn't know what they're getting into, and playing the game like an average gamer...Yes. He is the devil. And in that sense, so are Weigraff and Gafgarion
  5. You sure? Don't remember having trouble with him, IMO he was waaaaay harder than in MM7....Maybe if you could tell us what you're having trouble with... I'm pretty sure, especially since I've never played Megaman 7. I wasn't the one having trouble. It was my friend I was watching some years back. He tried several times, and couldn't land a hit on the bastard. I know this. I have seen the light. In times of great need, gamers knew defeat, and gamers united. And gamers said "Let there be GameFAQs." And thus was this. And they saw that it was good, and gamers rejoiced.
  6. Leave it to Princess to generalize and bring closure to a discussion, rendering the topic more or less invalid. Cheers Princess
  7. No. HTML does not work in a PHP forum.Copy and paste this into your sig box: [b][/b] [img=http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/aenru/aenaruadbanner.jpg] Thank you.
  8. I tried making a space, a paragraph break, and none of them seem to work in my sig. I'm trying to seperate that 'line' between the post and the sig so it doesn't rest right on top of the image. I've seen someone seperate it, but I have no idea how. Does <html> work in the sig post? I could definately do it if it does, but that would show up funny for people who have the "Always Allow HTML" option turned off, which is the default.
  9. I'm afraid I never got that far in Golden Sun 2. I beat it, of course, but I never finished all the sidequesting. I really oughtta go finish that game sometime. - I remember seeing- Dr Wily - MegaMan 8 It's a mystery to me how you're even supposed to inflict damage on him...
  10. Ah, Deadbeard (Golden Sun) I fought this guy twice over my history of gaming. The first time the battle simply was a Very Long sequence of doing damage and staying healed. I had to use my Psy Crystals, which I didn't want to use, but I figured what the hell. The Second time, more recently, I absolutely kicked his ass. I don't know why, but I guess I just busted out with all the right summons and attacks. For instance, I knew that time that he was strong against Water, so I didn't use Mia to attack at ALL, she was 100% healer/assist. He's weak against Earth, so Isaac was particularly valuable. Many earth summons and whatnot. I ended up accidentally killing him with the overkill method. I used the Sap djinni on him and was intending to build up another summon, but he just turned multi-colored and gave me 20% more exp and gold. It was awesome.
  11. There was this one boss I faced in this Game. Christ it took a long time.
  12. I had a hard time on- Cyber Peacock - MegaMan X4 (As Zero) What a bitch.
  13. I haven't tried, but I think using the 7777 fever would make that very possible. I've only seen that once. No, you don't need the fever to beat those guys. I didn't think it was possible, but all it takes is strategy...and a lot of patience. I've seen it done. Emerald and Ruby. No summons. I can vouch for that.
  14. Oh my god O_O I actually thought that djpretzel was trying to make fun of Actraiser with this mix. It's embarrassing to listen to, and sounds to me like a corny tune and dorky sounds were added to add insult to the game. I didn't know he liked the game until I read his submission review, when he talked about the original music being genius.
  15. No worries Princess. I was stuck on that version of Seymore on Mt Gagazett for a while as well. Pardon my mispellings. Making the battle has something to do with making your party invincible against the Zombie status effect, as that's how his death attack works. If my memory serves, a phoenix down will do much damage to him, but I'm not sure. Has anyone tried beating Emerald and Ruby Weapon without using summons?
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