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  1. I was looking forward to hear new info on the Aliens games. In my books Aliens Versus Predator (PC '98 version) is the second best lincensed game to date (no. 1 being Riddick), so I still have high hopes for great Aliens games. Besides, Gearbox and Bioware know what they are doing.
  2. Soundtrack of TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins, available at www.tagap.net. Music is composed by Petja Heiskanen, album and the game is produced by me.
  3. Well, I wasn't going to convert the entire MIDI, just synth squares and alike to spice the soundscape a bit - instrument by instrument, if necessary
  4. Yes, I meant SID format. It would be a lot easier if I just could convert certain instruments of a MIDI track into SIDs, record them (through i.e. WinAmp) and just toss them in the mixer software along with processed MIDI tracks.
  5. Is there some way of converting MIDI into SID without HardSID? In other words, is there MIDI to SID converter, SID soundfonts or Guitar Pro 4 SID plug-in? I've been trying to Google my way through, but I always end up looking at HardSID stats. So; Thanks!
  6. Cheers! Official SOUNDTRACK.notes review of Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos is now online: SOUNDTRACK.notes:: Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos Review (When linking our site please use our domain cloack address)
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