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  1. This was originaly an arrangement dedicated to the "Hometown Heroes" Album, but since the progress was on hold for a long time it is marked as discontinued. And so i released it viral.

    I would like to thank Mirby for the idea of the Album and giving his best throughout the project considering his circumstances. And i would also like to thank the other Album Artists for giving feedback! It was alot of Fun rearranging this piece.

  2. Its a Song Originaly written as an Instrumental, but some years ago i've made a Vocal Song out of it and still were not satisfied. So i've gone back to the previous concept and rearranged it. I'm not satisfied with the mini dizi as the lead instrument and some other parts as well, but its very close to the result i had in my mind, so i hope you enjoy it. Feedback appreciated ;)

  3. Sytrus is great for this in FL because you can set up mod X to control the vibrato amount(and controlling the slides from the piano roll is way better than having a preset glide setting). You can put your triangle or whatever waveform in op 1, and have op 2 modulate it at 0x and a low hz setting like 4-8hz. Edit the volume = mod X amount and you can now trigger vibrato notes directly from the piano roll without mucking with automation. A little volume envelope on op 2 can also make it so the vibrato delays a bit...

    I actually have a little template preset for this

    Harmor is also easy to set this up with, when I'm in FL I like to use those generators because it's easier to do things like this than with VSTs

    You could also probably play with pitch = mod Y on op 2 to also control vibrato speed but I haven't done it yet

    Thanks so much! Its very easy to use and edit this preset, but i cant figure out how to cut off the preclick-noise that occurs on short tunes.

  4. Its like asking "where do i get inspiration?" and for there's no Tutorial our there to cover that important part for Music. Everyone has its own possibilities to get some inspiration like listening to other music, looking up to other artist, transcribing already existing pieces into the Genre you have grown up with or sometimes the melody that suddenly rings in your head. I won't ever ask anyone where to start with Music or Production.. i just do it, because i feel like doing it... that occurs extremeley often sometimes or ill hit a total wall and need a break of a few days, some weeks or even month.

  5. I really like your arrangement and how you constantly keep working on it. I have to regrab something that has been mentioned before. The Soundscape is really plain sometimes and there's something missing like a pad, string or anything that covers up the midrange without being used punctured. The Dubstep elements in your Update seem to lose alot of appearance in the flow of your mix and gettin dragged to much into the Background. I hope that helps a bit, even if its only my oppinion... keep working on it! :3