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  1. I've been to a few forums and I've seen some people with animated avatars with the cut scenes from Smash, but they had it weeks before the release. (For example, the one with Diddy shooting his gun, I saw someone with that animation about a week and a half before it was shown on the website) Regarding the fox on, I saw a clip with fox flying around MetaKnights ship, and the ship attacked Fox that cause him to crash land... Zelda was on the ship or something too.
  2. Holy Starting-to-happen-project Batman!
  3. Four more to go? That's great to hear....that should only be what, another 6 months? Just kidding, I understand it takes time to make them....let alone having busy schedules (This quarter is killing me). Keep up the good work guys.
  4. Wow I've been looking for a mp3 version of the opening, great find! Been awhile since I've last checked this request, who knows, someday, maybe someone will take on this request!
  5. Well hey if your up to it, doesn't mean you can't work on it if you want. I'm thinking anything would do well, anything that's an improvment over MIDI. But I hope someone takes this up, if I had the talent I would.
  6. On the first page is a link to the website. The tracks have not been released yet. However,there are some preview links in the site. You'll find them.
  7. The battle with Luke and Asch theme is the one I am talking about. Which Blue Laguna has:http://bluelaguna.net/downloads/mp3s/tales-of-the-abyss-ost-soundtrack/418+meaning+of+birth.mp3 The MIDI isn't bad...It would sound so much better orchestrated or something with a stronger sound. If you do have the time to work on this, it would be much appreciated MaliceX.
  8. I agree avaris, that would sound great. Hopefully someone is up to it, since it's a great song.
  9. Good day to whoever reads this. I have never made a request before, but I did read the guidlines about this. I was hoping someone could do a remix of the track "Meaning of Birth" or the english intro, since they are pretty the same thing. I don't like the "midi" sound of the original track, it would sound much better with either instrumental or piano. To hear this song, here is a link to it on Blue Luguna to hear it: http://bluelaguna.net/music/tales-of-the-abyss-ost-soundtrack/mp3s.php It's track 418. I heard a piano version of it on Youtube that sounded great. I really like the sound of the song, just not the track version with the "midi-ness" to it. Anyway, if anyone has time and/or likes the track too, please by all means make a remix. Thank you for the time to read this request.
  10. Really? Now that's being optimistic... Well when its done, its done. Though after taking this much time, it's too bad since Tales of the Abyss has been out and it has some good music. Or at least the music that could be remixed to sound better. Like Meaning of Birth for example. Some guy did a piano version of it and it sounds great! Anyway, I await patiently untill it comes.
  11. Did you listen to those, though? Hmmm been listening to those remixes. Not too bad. Some parts need to fade out a bit so its not so...erm, can't think of the word. Also there are some added sounds that don't do the songs justice. The Final Stage remix is good, which was the example I was using for my little...review I guess.
  12. I know a lot of work went into making those tracks. As a whole, I liked them. Though I will agree with some other points that were brought up, the feel and mood to the tracks. Some of them could have been a little stronger, but there were many I enjoyed. So congradulations on the Music, I've been listening to it a lot. Overall it was good, but personaly I thought some could have been stronger. Thanks for the hardwork to produce the music!
  13. When I read about this, I signed up just to say I'm looking forward to your guy's work. I'm a huge Tales of Symphonia fan, so you guys are awesome in my book.
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