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  1. I was both disappointed and overjoyed to see this mix. I was disappointed because of the fact that this was the only FFV mix out there. But, I was overjoyed that there was indeed one kick-ass remix of the game out there. On top of that, it was a mix of the Pirates' Theme, quite possibly my favorite piece of music in the whole entire game. The first half of the track is deliciously cheerful, driving one to the point where they want to jump up from their chairs and do a jig. Then comes the second half with that boombastic storm. Though I prefer the beginning sequence of the track better, this s
  2. Talk about setting the mood. This mix does it in spades right from the start. The static, the vocals, the background noises, the incorporation of the original track - it all rolls into one magnificently dark, sinister, and surreal mix that couldn't possibly be any truer to Magus' character if it tried. This mix obviously isn't for the lightweight listener, but for those looking for songs outside the norm, it should be a guaranteed hit. It's currently my favorite mix on the entire site, and I've been downloading and listening steadily to the mixes on Overclocked since Nov. 2001. Congratulation
  3. I should probably start off by saying that this was the mix that compelled me to bite the bullet and register on the forums, something I normally shy away from. It would be a grave injustice if I just didn't say something about this mix. While it's true that I have a thing for the original of the Xenogears track and all corresponding remixes, I have to say that this is the one that stands out in my mind the most. Broken Mirror Reflection has the nice techno thing going on in the middle of the song, but I honestly prefer the vocals on 7YearsBroken. They're at just the right pitch, timbre, and a
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