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  1. Streets of Rage 'Wah-Wah' This is kind of weird. djp has added a fake guitar to the opening theme from Streets of Rage! Kind of hard to describe, you just have to hear it. I wouldn't classify this as one of djp's greatests, but there's not really too much I can bitch about. Except that I wish he'd do this tune again with his current sound setup, and make it techno... something requires to be turned up to 11.
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great Holiday, and are looking forward to the New Year. Here is a Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone arrangement of Jack's Lament by Danny Elfman with accompaniment. Credits: Trumpet: Anthony Higham Tenor Saxophone: Brandon Pettis Arranged and Produced by Anthony Higham Video Edited by Brandon Pettis Please don't hesitate to reply with any song requests with this instrumentation!
  3. https://soundcloud.com/bluelighter0085/muppets-racemania-free-ride-funfair-remix
  4. Mute City - F-Zero Orchestral Remix OCRemix newbie here. I recently got into putting bits of music together and it's quite a lot of fun. I submitted this piece already but figured I'd drop it in the forum as well. Let me know what you think!
  5. Final Fantasy VI 'Death on the Snowfield' Yes yes yes yes. Shoot me in the head, because I'm gonna go insane. I love this remix. The lo-fi sounding drum line has a particularly warm sound to it, contrasting with the minimal and barren sounding guitar line. Just beautiful.
  6. Super Mario World 'Super Mario's Sleigh Ride' Sorry about not getting to the late Christmas Eve mixes earlier I've been with my family and playing with all of my new stuff. Now, to the ReMix - What can I say? It's just some REALLY well done live video game music action It's really fun to listen to to. The OneUp Mushrooms cover several Super Mario World tunes here. It's a must download Super highly recommended. I respect these guys a whole lot. I've always dreamed of playing live video game music with some buds, and these guys fulfilled my dream, but for themselves. It's all worth it, though!
  7. Hello Guys, posting my first real piece of work that I feel like I can truly be happy with game-music wise, it's a remaster of the 4th level theme from Metal Slug 3, as in it stays more or less with the original source material, however all of the original instruments were redone with either higher-quality samplers or recorded with real guitars and bass. The track itself is looped once but it does have a definite ending piece worked in, as this song was basically a testing ground for me to really get my mix and mastering workflow just right, I have much more detailed remixes planned for the future. Tracked, Mixed and Mastered in REAPER through a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 with Audio Techinica ATM-M50X Headphone Monitors and the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors.
  8. Hello! I'm new to the forum, and I'm here now because I need help. Beginning June last year, I've been making music (video game remixes, but I bet you figured). I'm having a blast, and I've greatly improved since I started! But I've encountered a problem: I, for the life of me, cannot find brass sounds (in neither a symphonic or more jazz-oriented style) that sound at least okay, and do not cost money. In order to get better help, I'll explain my situation further. I'm 16 years old, and I'm in high school and college at the same time. Because of this, I don't have very much free time for music itself, let alone a job. I've gone to what I would consider great lengths to expand my collection of live instrument sounds--I've searched far and wide for soundfonts and VSTs, and I have the free Native Instruments products (I'm using FL Studio 12 in case the DAW matters). While I've managed to come across some nice strings, woodwinds, and percussion, brass (which happens to be my favorite section) has been seemingly impossible to find on a budget like mine. I've found that some of the reasons there aren't many good Brass VSTs are along the lines of the instrtuments being difficult to record in such a fashion and the nature of the sound is hard to synthsize. But there has to be something I can do. That's why I'm here: what are some of the best brass libraries that can be used for free or very close to it? Something that can hold me off until I can afford something better? Thanks for the help!
  9. Final Fantasy VI & IX 'The Endless Search' Hear that horn? How about that organ? This one is some piece of work, definitely broadening the amount of genre's we have around here. I'm not going to lie to you and say that I really love this sound. It's just not my taste, but it doesn't matter what you like, you have to admit that this one is really very well done. Somebody who really likes this genre give this a good review please. Nice work NoppZ, try something different next time... for me, please! Only kidding, do whatever you want.
  10. I arranged this for 5 trumpets. Recorded with a very cute pocket trumpet. I will consider this a wip, because I'd like to get some friends to record it live.
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