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  2. Best bet is to go BM and kite the hell outta them and let your pet do most of the dps. It's lame but yeah, locks and all. Youll probably still need to get lucky. Also, use your Insignia of the Horde. Owait lol alliance. You can try and freeze their pet too. Even if you're out of fear range Death coil can screw you over into a chain fear so...yeah...
  3. This is true. About a week ago my nephew whom I live with, and my brother started playing a game of smash bros melee. They never play melee. They never play anything except WoW, and I heard the reasoning behind that one- he told his friend, "it's the most popular online game right now". They were playing "no items" because that's how good players do it; then they picked Hyrule Temple . That's not the end of it though. My nephew said he was going to "pown" my brother. What the heck guys. D: When they invited me to play, I didn't even bother trying. Normally I'd go into adhd mode on someone like that, but I live with these guys, so I sandbagged like all hell and lost. My point being, Arek is right. It's already happened with shit like G4. To finish I'd like to add my nephew works at hot topic, dresses emo and is a total trendwhore, much like my brother who sadly used to be a pretty cool guy. Just to help finish painting the mental portrait for my story there, y'know. Also, myspace. D:
  4. Sorry guys I sort of got caught up in other things and uhhh oh yeah I lost interest when Mew sandbagged me when I played him I don't need that kind of mockery. You guys are about done anyways. Sorry again.
  5. Don't forget it covers your whole character, so people who try sliding attacks against you are stopped That's what that means btw
  6. The L stands for lag. Also, I've been raped by a Marth who used the short-hopped double forward aerial. I think he got me 7 times in a row with it once. He was using Z for that, and it works well too. The second press cancels the lag and you can go straight into another SHDFA much easier.
  7. 200 Hours is way to rediculous. Look on gamefaqs or anywhere else, they say when you unlock Poke Floats (play 200 matches in Vs. Mode) you will have already unlocked 3 other levels. Once you have all four you should get the random filter Meh whatever, I'll just copy and paste the data from someone elses memory card You get a notification for playing one million Vs. mode matches. It tells you to go outside. How many hours do you suppose that would take to get? (maybe it was Vs. hours, I'm not sure exactly which) On topic.... I don't play Smash unless I'm at a tournament (and I've only been to 2, going to another one on the 23rd). I hardly ever utilize wavedashes unless I'm waveshining, or waveshielding occasionally. I DO use 'advanced techs'. I use both the C-stick and A button for aerials. I watch my opponent. I play. That's all there is to it for me. I don't even have a main character really, although I tend to tier-whore about 60% of the time (Roy is my unofficial low-tier ). Otherwise I'll use whatever character I feel like using at the time.
  8. I do not play anymore unless it's with my close friends in a system link
  9. wow you guys still play this, and take it serious!
  10. Ok. I'm gonna go retrieve ye olde Xbox from my brother, and just play on that. I'll try to get as much of my lost experience back.... from being Halo-less. WE PLAY AT NIGHTFALL
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