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  1. It is I! Wow, did you send this a long time ago?

  2. Another Doom remix. A little rockish. Takes the theme from E2M1 and a thrash section using E3M8. I also took a little creative license with some of the themes and filled in the corny drumming sections of the original with more recognizable motifs from...places. Enjoy.
  3. Yeah, thanks Theowne. I was keeping it more towards cheap/free stuff, while including some manufactures, but indeed those are all very nice programs especially if you have the hardrive space and money.
  4. Ok, it took me long enough to read through all of these posts and I have compiled a list of VSTi's, Soundfont websites and some sample sites mainly from this forum. I excluded drums and pads mainly bc everyone has their own taste. Pads are so easy to make and are EVERYWHERE anyway; drums are best found on P2P or from certain drum machines(sorry guys). For strings, check out orchestra links. If you want a sound that is really really really rediculously good sounding, chances are you'll be paying however, w/ some tweaking, all of this list can sound stellar. Some of the list items are simply progs or publisher names to google and research. Feel free to add to this list. It should cut down on some excessive questions by lazies as well as bickering which takes up some uneeded space. Please note, I have not seen all of these sites and some might not work. whooo. ________Random sights and progs w/ soundfonts and VSTi's______ *Note: Some cost money! but most are free ________________General and Random sites/progs/publishers to google___________ Native Instruments Halion (prog) Kontact2 (prog) Liquid Bundle Natural Studios Arturia rgc:audio Sonik Synth 2 QuadraSID Samplefusion (pay site) (VSTi's) (VSTi's) (atari) (vst) (sound font website) Florestan (sound font website) (breath sounds) Plugsound free (guitar stuff? - (sounds, fx) (sound fonts) samples) (VSTI apparently) ___________Guitars____________ (Demos and what not, check Lyricsl Distortion, DO IT!) _____________Brass_____________ Kick Ass Brass (GREAT!) Greg Adam' Big Band Brass Squidfont( also has sfark unpackers! but here too _____________Choir________________ $Magnus Choir VSTi [v1.0 $$$$East West (Quantum Leap) ($1000+ for some) (sf) (female) Vocalplanet (website, just google it) ______________Piano_________________ Realistic Virtual Grand Piano VSTi [ver. 2.1 Bosendorfer 290 (click the disk icon at top) (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available) (organ) _______________Drums___________________ (oriental) ___________Orchestra____________ Garritan Personal Orchestra (VSTi) Synful Orchestra (VSTi) sinfonia Cadenza (click the disk icon at top) (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available) __________wheather effects_________ If these don't work, google the root of the address and it might
  5. I really like the light ambient background layers put in here. The panning is kind of nice too. The effects processing is exquisite as well, really keen to help produce the transition you were going for. Some of the instruments though are real layed back to the point of almost not being heard aka the guitar around 2:45 or so. I guess you do just have to turn it up. That guitar sound though, at 3:05, nice. The fade out isn't bad but it seems just unsuited considering all of the elegant transitions you gave us in the previous sections. It just feels like that smooth energy should peak somewhere instead of drift away. Very unique and well assembled. The synths are interesting as well.