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  1. If they do add him, they better make him the fastest character in the game. They could make him turn into Super Sonic when he grabs that super attack item thingy.
  2. If they're gonna start adding useless characters they might as well add Rob Haywood and Ricky Winterborn .
  3. Many people have been mentioning Ridley. I know he'd be too big for a regular character, but perhaps he could show up as a boss (like Giga Bowser).
  4. Theres the character from Geist, Krystal from Starfox, and...well I can't think of many more (that are major characters). Then there are characters from the Advance Wars and Custom Robo games as well.
  5. Piggies or chickens should be some of the random items that drop like Re-deads in Melee.
  6. I'm just saying it would look a tad funky. If by some weird chance he does get in, I'm hoping they actually make an original move set for him.
  7. Same here As far as the Wind Waker Link being added, thats gotta be a joke. He would just clash with the style of the game.
  8. Well yeah, ANY online game is bound to have lag at sometime or another. Its not like it'll be laggy at all times.
  9. People already do that in every other competetive online game.
  10. He could always have moves or items from previous Kong games such as a gun, a jetpack, and his guitar (hey, its not too weird considering they're adding a farting attack for Wario). I like Pichu more than Pikachu as well. He doesn't really hurt himself that much, and he is a lot more powerful than Pikachu.
  11. What if they made more characters that can transform like Zelda (this would make less clone characters)? Young Link could turn into Fierce Diety Link or one of the many other masks. Another duo like the Ice Climbers could be made (Diddy and Dixie Kong immediately come to mind). They could also give the clone characters different movesets, like having Fox fight like he did in Starfox Adventures, and Falco could keep his current moves. Just a few ideas to throw out there into the giant SSBB speculation storm.
  12. For the screens, I like to use lens cloths like these: They're made for use on glasses and camera lenses, but work great on the DS screens and PC monitors. As far as the rest of the DS goes, I'd use a moist cloth to wipe off anything.
  13. For those who still feel like submitting, Masahiro Sakurai will only be accepting submissions until June 9th at 5:00 pm Japan time. This is probably just the Square-Enix fan in me talking, but I'd like to see Sora make it into SSBB. That would mean even more "Link vs Sora" threads over at Gamefags.
  14. Since the Wii will have online functionalities, do you guys think that extra stages, characters, or single player challenges will be downloadable features for Smash Bros. and other Wii games?
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