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  1. What year is this?! The folding thread is the first on the community page and the prophet of mephisto, er, prophetik music, still wants to build you a computer!? I'm currently folding with an nVidia 1080 I acquired used over Christmas (up from an nVidia 460, finally!), and an AMD FX-8250 (8 threads at 4 GHz). What's interesting is even though the CPU is pretty much right at 100%, the GPU only floats between 35-50 percent haven't really dug into why. If you're looking _just_ at number of Work Units, for a while I was running the browser client, NaCl, but that's now deprecated: http://nacl.foldingathome.org/ That had a lot of really small WU's, so I could crank through a WU in maybe an hour. Had a decent computer at work at the time, but it would have been frowned upon to run the full client. I could leave the web browser open, though. Glad it's getting some traction again! I think a couple weeks ago they actually ran out of WU's to hand out because so many people joined up to help out with COVID-19 research. That with the new GPU card got me thinking about it again!
  2. Being that 6 years worth of posts can all fit on one page, I think it's time to give this topic a bump. Something I saw jogged my memory about Folding@Home, and I was wondering if the OCR team was still a thing! I reinstalled the client on a few computers, and it's pretty amazing how many points they are racking up compared to so many years ago when the thread was started. After having a couple PC's running the client full tilt for probably a couple years, I managed to get around 600k points. On my home PC, a just above average home built 4 year old PC with a 7 year old GPU (which the F@H client can utilize), if I ran it full tilt, would get that many points in about a month. If F@H hasn't inflated the points, it's kind of amazing how much more power PC's have. Moore's law, etc, etc... The client is so much nicer too, and one install runs both the CPU and GPU. Anyway, just thought I'd bump the thread in case anyone else wants to reinstall the client and get folding!
  3. Didn't look through all the tagged ones, but gives this one a try: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00633/
  4. Plants Vs. Zombies. There's no way to describe the game without making it sound stupid. It's very easy to get started, and it quickly grows more complex, but always at a good pace. $10 on Steam ($20 retail), and it's probably the best value I've ever gotten from a game for what I paid for. I'm sure that game will run on anything. Certainly Portal at some point. It's really more of a puzzle game than FPS, as there's not really any 'S' in it... There's the Railroad Tycoon series, with the latest being Sid Meier's Railroads! It scratches a nice itch of simulation, planning, growing, optimizing, and managing. The older versions look pretty ugly, and are less intuitive (and less helpful in-game) than the newest one. The newer one is 3d, though, and actually give my (very old) graphics card a bit of a work out. The Roller Coaster Tycoon series in very much in the same vein, but obviously different. Braid, perhaps? Manipulating time and such... Hard to go wrong with Audiosurf... As other suggested, Heroes of Might and Magic could be good. World of Goo sounds like it would be very good for him...
  5. QFT. The First Circle has to be my favorite song ever. And it's been that way for probably 10+ years. The songs been around a while, so there are other groups that do the same song. It's always different, but if the group is any good, still awesome. (If you're familiar with DCI, Drum Corp International, find the Crossmen show from 1998. First Circle was their closer. Found the opener: )Anyway, so as not to turn this into a rambling on about Pat Matheny or DCI, I'll contribute something else: If you are looking more at piano stuff, I'd suggest Claude Bolling. I don't know that he'd be strictly jazz, and I've seen him classified as ragtime. I have this CD: http://www.amazon.com/Bollings-Greatest-Hits-Claude-Bolling/dp/B0000026O9/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1275101852&sr=1-1-spell and it is wonderful. The songs 'sound' slower, but keep up a nice pace, unlike what I find in a lot of slow jazz. This CD at least is all small groups or trios. The samples from Amazon are pretty indicative of the songs as a whole. And welcome to jazz! There's so much variety!
  6. Yeah, I was going to pop in and say they have a demo now which is good for 10 songs, but Atmuh beat me to it. So, I'll also add that, after playing three tracks, they should just rename it to "F#@# You, Eyeballs!" I'll play the rest of the demo, then see. It could also be that it's late and has been kind of dark for a while. Says it has a built in visualizer, which could be a pretty good one, especially since if you're running a visualizer, you're probably not looking right at the screen.
  7. Well, I did give it a try. It did seem to run better than the old one, but the few missions in the demo were on pretty small maps. On the last one, my sound started getting static-y, which happened on the original SupCom. I think it's because my CPU was maxed out, and the sound I have is just the onboard sound, so it uses the CPU. At least, that's what I think it is... It seemed pretty decent, overall. I'll probably pick it up once it is on some kind of sale, but mostly because I still have a bunch of games from the Steam Christmas sale. The main thing I didn't like was that they changed the economy of things. You have to pay for all of the unit cost when you start building it, instead of just balancing what you make vs. what you spend. I read a review at Bit-Tech.net after I played it, and they seemed to hit all of my thoughts: http://www.bit-tech.net/gaming/pc/2010/03/01/eme-commander-2-demo-impressions/1 But again, they were strictly reviewing the demo, so some of their gripes may be a non-issue in the main game.
  8. How is it that I hear about the first Supreme Commander seemingly years before it comes out and have to wait what feels like forever, and the first I heard about SupCom2 is when it goes on presale on Steam? Worse, or better? I'll download it tonight and give it a shot tomorrow. It's good that it runs smoother than the first, since I am using the same computer. With a RAM upgrade, but also with a dying video card...
  9. Well !@#$... of course, NOW the pack shows back up... It wasn't there the other day. Really. I had my eye on it for a while just waiting for a sale, so here goes another 20 bucks... http://store.steampowered.com/sub/683/
  10. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up! I'm about to go spend some money... Am I losing it, or didn't there used to be a pack that had ALL the unreal stuff in it? (like 2004, UT3, etc) Because I can't find it anywhere on steam. The only stuff I see are 3 of the oldest Unreal's... I am willing to accept that I may, in fact, be losing it..... can't lose what you never had...
  11. If you watch the high quality version full screen ('cause that's the only way to tell what characters are what) you can see what pretty clearly looks like him (her? it?) right around 30 seconds, and again at 39. As I was watching I didn't even realize it was a real game, thought it was just some animation someone made. If you like the idea, there's a game called Soldat which is much better done, but doesn't have the same, um, 'flavor' as TF2; it's more serious, I guess. Oh, and it's free. http://www.soldat.pl/
  12. I saw this in the XKCD forum... it made me smile.... thought I'd share Dang, I was just starting to break out of my 9,000 point ceiling... Ahh well, I guess I can look forward to climbing back up again.
  13. Ha! Yeah, just a little bit... I hit one of those launcher things and it sent me clear over the other missile truck! Not so much "oh, I just missed the truck", not "hmm, I don't think I'm going to make it", but more like "OMGWTFBBQ just happened? that wasn't even close!" At least someone saw me... I hope I made their day.
  14. Awesome. I liked Steel when we played it... any chance we can add it into the rotation once everyone has it? Also, time to brush up on my sniper skillz for the incoming flood of heavies (yes, one of the unlockables will probably be an anti-sniper thing for them.... shh, don't ruin my fantasy)
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