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  1. Good blast from the past . Honestly, I like it. Keeps the original tune but the drums and the distortion give it a new feel. The synth that comes in at 2:20 or whatever really make it (techno) but also a more of a UT feel . Weird for doom
  2. Firstly: This post is just to plot down my opinion and I thought It'd be worth to do. Secondly: Thank you for the translation of the audio used of Hitler. I'll go on with this point (not really being coherent but bleh). As I stumbled across the remix from John Romero's site I went across his Game Music page and pretty much taking any remix of any game I played. Scrolling down I came across MazeMan's remix. (I've looked around alot of OCremix and I've decided to get some background to the song). As soon as I loaded the song on my media player I was introduced by the Heils of Hitler and the soldiers. Piano is introduced with a marching snare. Mazeman used the next audio cut extremely well to then bring on the electronic drums, subtle strings and the dominant trumpet (which brings you the familiar melody which mazeman I presume worked the song round). After using another heil from the soldiers, Mazeman introduces more strings to give more layering to the piece making it more of an orchestra still based round the eletronic drums. The strings emphasize emotion, the eletronic drums keeping the retro feel. At 1:30 the single string note leads us back into the marching snare with the piano again using the audio clip MazeMan brings us back into the full song again. This time however the strings are more lifted and at the end of the bars the strings travel down and the tempo drops. Once again the piano is introduced with eletronic drums, and the strings are a more creepy and eerie feeling to them. Building up again Mazeman I believe makes this part his own. Dropping the tempo again and bringing us back into the original song. Leaving us to a sad ending leaving an agressive speech. Like I said this post was just a plot of whats on the brain. If you read it thanks ;D