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  1. Good blast from the past . Honestly, I like it. Keeps the original tune but the drums and the distortion give it a new feel. The synth that comes in at 2:20 or whatever really make it (techno) but also a more of a UT feel . Weird for doom
  2. Firstly: This post is just to plot down my opinion and I thought It'd be worth to do. Secondly: Thank you for the translation of the audio used of Hitler. I'll go on with this point (not really being coherent but bleh). As I stumbled across the remix from John Romero's site I went across his Game Music page and pretty much taking any remix of any game I played. Scrolling down I came across MazeMan's remix. (I've looked around alot of OCremix and I've decided to get some background to the song). As soon as I loaded the song on my media player I was introduced by the Heils of Hitler and th
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