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  1. Yes! Oh man. I've heard Faithfully so many times and thought to myself, "Why does that sound so familiar?" It's so nice to have it pointed out, and in such an upbeat fashion. I think it might have been better, with a bit of the sounds from the game's song itself, nonetheless, it was pretty enjoyable. I do admit it's not one of my favorites, since it sticks mostly to the matching parts of the songs only, however, which kind of bugs me a bit, but I like it anyhow. I don't get annoyed listening to it or anything.
  2. It's a really relaxing song, not really busy; at the same time, it has a bit of a substance to it, not really simplistic. I appreciate the title theme being incorportated into a remix. It's usually one of the more ignored things... not many people I know really listen to the title, or watch it, from all of the people I've met. I love the sounds and tones incorportated, so many to express notes that someone would be familiar with, but still, with a nice balance of all of the additional parts too, while not cancelling the base song out, don't fade into the background. It manages to deviate fro
  3. To be honest, I haven't heard the original version of this song, and right now, I don't really mind. This piece is beautifully done (although I do admit I love pure instrumental sounds a lot more than what a reasonable amount would be) and it does remind me of the Silent Hill series in general, a sort of strange, empty feeling, but this one seems a lot more prettier, a bit less scary. Not like that's a bad thing, but I suppose the chords aren't really so scary, somehow. I like this piece, it's nice to work to, it's not too interruptive to trains of thought, as other music can be.
  4. This song reminds me of something dreamlike, sort of strange; at the very beginning, there's a sort of uncomfortable tension, where therafter it slips into some sort of unconscious feeling, like fainting, and the rest is just some sort of delusional trail of thought. The monologue adds to the same feeling, with some sort of psychosis, some kind of stressing, torcherous, continuous thoughts, kind of driving the speaker into the sort of confused, lost, delusion. The accent sounded a bit southern, but still, pretty genuine. I enjoyed listening to the song, even if it was a bit strange, kind of
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