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  1. As many other Ocremixers here, this was my very first song I ever heard in this site and I loved it. It's been hundreds of years since I didn't come around the site and now recalling this song I happily find there's a complete version of it. I have to agree with Andino that this new version (see his tread or go to http://membler-industries.com/music/remixes/castlevania%20-%20Grim%20Reamer.mp3) is a WAY much better and stylized version AND it has an ending. Memblers thanks for re arrange it ^^ I't been so many years for me to hear this nice song and you made it. Thanks and thanks to Andino to
  2. Hey... Harmony, what a great song! I never play the game (shame on me!) so I just gave it a try and wow! totally identified with your remix! great work!
  3. Once.. I was looking for the soundfiles of crystalis. I couldn't find any until I got this web site. I don't know why I choose this song for my first try. Wow!.. I was really amuse of the complete different point of view from the original song I quickly recall in my mind. I found it very nostalgyc.. and even.. (yes.. pretty silly..) I cried with the song. I even write a poetry-like thing in my msn space, inspired on this version. (is in Spanish). I think It's an excellent remix. not matter what other people would think. Thanks a lot for made it Ryan!
  4. Hi! I'm pretty new here.. ( well. new being registred) and listening to some mixes I stopped on this one.. Great! I like the original one.. and I was pretty curious about this mix.. Maybe i'm not a pro, and cannot say.. about the drums, the bass... and stuff. (well.. the trumpets. sweet!) but I really like the style! good work Ben!
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