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  1. Dear Lord in heaven... Djp must have lost his mind when did this remix. It's worth a download so you can make fun of him forever. Rating... Well, it is VERY original. 8/10
  2. This is my favorite remix on the site. I rate it 6/5. Download it.
  3. Well done... Well, being a huge PSO fan I am very bias, but I would like to express that I think the mix is excellent. I like it because there is a hidden deeper level that you have to listen closely to, and it gives me a certain feeling. It's kind of like listening to someone whisper. Though it's not the greatest remix I obviously liked it. The problem is, it is too short. It should have broken out into something more later in the mix. That would have been sweet, but it's still dece. My Rating 3.5/5 Short, but sweet. Being a PSO fan, thanks for the coverage, more please!