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  1. This is one of my all-time favorite songs from the FFVI OST. I _LOVE_ what you have done with this mix! I just wish it was much more extended and had MORE evil elements to it! Excellence. This will blare out my car stereo for many many miles to come. =)
  2. I always loved being inside the factory on the game. I'd just leave my character inside on the map and let the music play for hours. I loved this song. The only thing I wish is that we could get an extended remix of this version you have posted here. It is great. Wonderful. One of my favorites. It will be blaring down the road many-a-time. =) Great job!!
  3. Being the loyal and die-hard Final Fantasy fan that I am, I was so very into the game Final Fantasy X when it was released. I was sucked-in by the plot, instantly. I simply could not wait until the sequel was released so that I could find out what happened about Yuna, and what the deal was with Tidus reappearing at the end of the game in that ocean. The music of X was wonderful. I loved EVERY bit of it. So much, that I ordered the OST straight from Japan. When I learned that Final Fantasy X-2 was being released, I was thrilled. The very day that the game was released in the United States, I rushed to the store to buy it, carried it with me to work, let it set on my desk and build up my anticipation to unbelievable amounts. When I got home, the first thing I did was put the game in. I was captivated by the opening title credits song, "Eternity - Memory of Light and Waves." Then... when I played through the rest of the game and found an utter and complete lack of similarly-styled material, I was sick at my stomach. That, plus the fact the game was more like a campy version of Girls Gone Mild: The Game. I beat the game. I got 100% on it, as a matter of fact, and got to see the "Perfect" ending. It was a mediocre ending. Nothing like I expected, and I needed to buy the soundtrack like I needed a hole in my head. So, the only song that left me with some satisfaction from the video game was Eternity. I get a somnambulant feeling while listening to this. It's a mix of my song from the game, and it is an excellent mix. Definitely worthwhile to listen to. If I had it playing in my car stereo, I would not be driving: I would be sleepwalking. It is excellent. It is ethereal. It is worthwhile and recommended.